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Awe, damn!

Yes, it’s true, we’re postponing the release of Legend of the Viking, the sequel to The Legend of Lady MacLaoch. Just like the Foo Fighters, who had to postpone their world tour. Yup, it’s just like it.

You ever have a time where you’ve convinced yourself, despite all odds, that you can do it? Like where in order to achieve your goal you’d have to bend the space-time continuum? And despite those odds you still have one last lil’ drummer of hope inside you cheering you on, then, reality comes in and squishes that lil’ hope drummer? That was me this writing weekend. Before today I honestly had only been thinking about family stuffs and with the speed of a mother getting things done before her kid hollers for her I: sent a letter off to the editor, refreshed ongoing promotions (BTW, Legend of Lady MacLaoch will be FREE on Kindle from Nov 25-28), and then hit the website. You know, to make sure the sex robots that had taken over it last month had been vanquished by my updated SPAM-killing bots. The website is clear now, sorry Viagra and your ‘Hard Dick Waiting For Your Call’ bots. Instead, I saw my own ad in naked print in front of me: Legend 2: 2020. Was I going to be publishing in the next 40 days? Hell no.

Now, I’m a NaNoWriMo boss, but without time to edit and write (yeah, I’ve edited while my 1st grader does his Zoom school and I watch my three year old and much like playing tag in traffic, I don’t recommend it) it was time to face the music. Publishing isn’t happening in 2020. *cue sad trombone*

While we’ve hit the pause button on Legend 2 the reality is, is that’s it’s more of a slow-motion button. I’m still editing the finished manuscript (read: the story is complete but there are still grammar and character flaws that need ironing out. Plus, an additional sex scene to write, and damned if I won’t write that when I’m in the mood to write it. No one wants to read a sex scene from an author who has a headache and would rather not.) and it will likely continue on this snail pace for the foreseeable future.

So, when all is said and done, unless I get a wand that lets me change the space-time continuum, we’ll pub in 2021. And since May 2021 is the ten-year anniversary of The Legend of Lady MacLaoch, maybe we have a new pub date?

Air hugs to you, be safe, call your grandma et. al.,