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Hello friends,
I’ve missed you! I realized I didn’t send a proper adieu when I signed off sometime last century…knee deep in morning sickness I think I wandered out of my office to barf and didn’t return.

Now I am back and with an extra one in my arms. Officially, I return from my maternity leave this June (2018) and I CAN’T WAIT!!

Books have been mentally piling up while I’ve been on my year long sabbatical/maternity leave/time off. Mostly while knee deep in laundry, poopy diapers and Daniel Tiger episodes I “write” my next books.

First for June: Finishing Legend II!! Next will be my new favorite: a showy software billionaire and a humble crowd avoiding university research librarian. They were separated by the most tragic of circumstances only to be drawn together again years and emotional lives later…. 💕

You can tell which one I’ve been daydreaming the most about. 😍😍😍

Until June….