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As some of you may know, Forged is a smutty, lovely, spine-tingly aggressive romance that involves a magazine editor (note the Vogue knock-off cover anyone??) and a high-end Euro-car mechanic. For today’s Forged Friday, we’re going to take another visual tour through the male of the species who are mechanics. Yeah, we’re gonna have some mechanic man-candy today!

Cheers, and enjoy ~

This is Military Mechanic. He’s fixing a large rusty gear.
Meet Sweat Pant Mechanic. Note awesome hood reflection on right.
This is Old School Mechanic. Watch as he tightens the Titanic’s lug nuts.

Jason Statham is The Mechanic.
Meet Lazy Mechanic. Too lazy to button his fly. Too lazy to pull up his pants. Too lazy to fix your rusted bus.
Meet Underwear Mechanic. Nuff said.
Um . . . one of them has to be a mechanic, I mean, right?
And we must not forget the hot mechanics enshrouded in bronze! 
Mechanic’s Monument in San Francisco.
Another view of the Mechanic’s Monument.
He might be a stripper-werewolf, but he can also be our Forged mechanic.
Now, go change you’re panties. ;0)