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Candy for the eyes as we explore our feelings. No, JUST our feelings.

Today we have the second of the two poems we unearthed from my parents move (read last week’s post here).

I could write
Or talk of how I feel,
But is it real?

Can you tell
Or do you know
What I can’t say
And may never show?

You can talk

Or write of how you feel,
But do you?

Say it!
Scream it!
Rhyme it!
Dream it!

Love me!
Then it’s real.

Ahhhh to be loved and to be told we are loved – this is one of the biggest reason why romance novels are so fabulous. The leading male characters are quite verbose on their love for the heroine and rather explicit in the details of what he’s gonna do to her to show her that love. Usually she squeals and runs away or grins devilishly and agrees to play hide the sausage – much to his astonishment since he thought she was a virgin.

I was just reading through the last bit of Legend (in the infamous cabin scene) and realized that Rowan isn’t as verbose as I thought he was in that scene for example here’s one of my favorite blurbs. It’s right after Rowan realizes that Cole is the only one who can break the curse and to do that they must hand-tie: 

 “Handfasting is ancient, Cole—it’s no doubt what Lady MacLaoch and her Minory would have done if they’d lived,” he said, and stood.

My heart tripped over itself as he slowly walked around the coffee table, coming for me,  as he spoke. “It’ll bind ye to me, and me to ye. We must be sure tha’ is what Lady MacLaoch wants. Are ye sure this is it what she wants?” he asked; then, as he got closer,  “Is it what ye want?”

Would I want to bind myself to him forever?

“How do I answer that?” I asked, feeling as though a freight train would be easier to face down than the laird of the MacLaochs and the heavy discussion between us.

Rowan out for a swim in the loch… :0)

Rowan came to stand in front of me. “If I know ye, Cole, as I feel I do, ye need to answer it with this”—he gently laid his fingertips just above my left breast, covering my heart—“then with this.” His fingers trailed up to and along the side of my neck, caressed  my ear before cupping the side of my head. His thumb brushed my temple. “Because this one is crying out for ye to be rational, yet love is anything but.”

My heart caught in my throat as his eyes looked directly into me and saw everything. “They are in direct opposition in their opinions,” I admitted.

Lightning flashed outside as the pitter-patter of fat water droplets pelted the side of the

“But what does your heart say?”
“That I would be a fool to walk away from you,” I said. My insides went into pleasant knots and my breath became erratic. “God, what are you doing to me?”
“Nothing that ye aren’t doing to me,” he said, sliding his fingers into my hair . . .

And in real life it seems things up end up more like this:

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