“Steamy, sexy, high octane adventure with suspense and grit.” Annie, Goodreads reviewer

"...we all wonder what might have happened with the first love we left behind? When Eva once again meets up with Nate, we all get to be witness as their relationship re-ignites. Along with intense feelings and steamy sex scenes..." Jodi, Goodreads reviewer

The life Nate has now was hard-won. In and out of jail and escaping his past forged the life he created with nothing but strength and grease. The life he used to know was satisfactorily in his rear view as the owner and head mechanic of his own high-end Euro auto shop and stake holder of Portland's glitzy night club Festival. Everything he worked hard for was to be and to live the playboy lifestyle. Yet Nathaniel Vellanova forgets it all when his ex-girl walks back into his life—the first and only woman he'd ever let himself love.

Eva Lynn Rogers, is back in rainy Portland, Oregon from her stint in a high-glamour life in New York to help her father who's battling cancer. As head of the posh local magazine Rose City Review, Eva has everything she's wanted, success, career and the money to prove it all. Yet, as luck would have it, her one prized possession, the car she relies on to take her father to his chemo treatments and to and from her magazine gig in the parking-pass-required area of downtown Portland, goes on the fritz. Taking it to the well recommended euro car mechanic she's heard so much about suddenly pulls her past, the one she'd like to forget, front and center.

As Nate and Eva remember the heat that once used to be between them, life gets critical quickly with Nate's homicidal father being on the early prison release list and Eva's own father struggling to survive. Thrown together once more, Nate and Eva have to sort out their history, deep seated lust for fast cars and a physical connection that can't be ignored. Language—and sparks—fly as both of their personal demons return, hunting them down until nothing but love can pull them from the edge.

"Great story, great characters. Eva was awesome. She put everything out there for Nate, her thoughts, her love, and did not beat around the bush or say, "oh well, he should know", like a lot of heroines do. I love the girls that do and say what they mean." Aubrey, Goodreads reviewer

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