Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Vote for Serendipity of Fate on Goodreads!

For all of you Goodreads users out there we need your superb internet clicking skills!

We currently are on the following Goodreads lists with Serendipity of Fate and need your help in voting it up the ladder on each of these lists to reach the top 10!

To Vote: Click on the link below. Then, simply click on the tab that says "add books to this list," and Serendipity of Fate (be sure it's in your bookshelf first) should be at the top of the list. Simply click "Vote for this Book" and you're finished! Each vote will help move the book up to higher on each list.

Here are the links, GO CLICK and VOTE MY PRETTIES!!!

Army Men and Women of Romance
So you love a Bad Boy or Tortured Hero
I Love a Man in Uniform
Military Romance and Fiction
Best Romance Authors - Different Genres
Strong Female Characters Written by Female Authors
Books with Strong Women Characters (all Genres)
2016 Romances You Don't Want to Miss
New Reads of 2016 (New Releases / Upcoming Releases)
Great Books from Portland & Seattle Authors


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