Thursday, June 9, 2016

Cupcakes and Books Scavenger Hunt! (Read: FREE STUFF!!)

It's that time again!! Scavenger hunt time that is! We're partnering up with Night Owl Reviews on a delicious new scavenger hunt ... Cupcakes and Books!! *stomach growls*

Just like the earlier hunts we've done, enter the scavenger hunt, hit author websites to find the clues (DON'T FORGET TO OOGLE OVER MINE!! sorry, toddler volume there...) and win a chance for a $100 gift card to Amazon. That equates to approximately: a never ending supply of $0.99 books, all the Washi tape in the world, a new gizmo, a Deadpool blu-ray (or Zootopia, you know, whatever floats your boat), new summer wedges and a matching boho purse. Um, yeah you gotta enter now because I can't and I just worked myself up over it! 

Here's the deets! Click the pic to enter!

Night Owl Reviews Cupcakes and Books Scavenger Hunt

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