Friday, December 16, 2016

Giveaway All The THINGS!

This weekend only, December 16-19, Serendipity of Fate is FREE on Amazon Kindle

We've just wrapped up our epic Holiday Blog Tour featuring Serendipity of Fate (congrats to the raffle winners: Melissa C.,Terry G.T., Audrey S., Debra H., Ally S., BTW!) and here at romance headquarters we felt we needed something MORE! Click here to go to Amazon now to get your Kindle copy! 

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Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Winner-Winner Chicken Dinner!!

Congrats to our Holiday Blog Tour raffle winners:

Melissa C.
Terry G.T.
Audrey S.
Debra H.
Ally S.

Congrats you guys! Check your email for winner conformation letter from me!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Sneak Peek of Prize Packs for Holiday Tour! (Updated!)

I've just finished up photographing the prize packs for the Holiday Tour we're doing for Serendipity of Fate. Our local shop, It's All in the Dee-Tales donated over $300 worth of Margot Elena products to our shindig!! So now the tour is officially THE PLACE TO BE on December 1-15 so you can win some awesome!!

Here's the pics!
(PS - it's not pictured but each prize pack includes a free copy of the Serendipity of Fate ebook!)
[12/04/16 Edit - I updated the prize descriptions so now there's luscious words to go with the luscious images!]

1. Land of The Free - $67 value
Beautiful flag tote filled with Lollia’s new and acclaimed Dream shower gel and pure shea butter hand creme

2. Pep In Her Step - $50 value
TokyoMilk gift bag filled with Everything and Nothing shea butter creme, Cherry Bourbon lip elixir and collectible red peeps from Little Boot Peep

3. All You Need Is Love - $ 45 value
Love & Toast collectible gift bag filled with Honey Coconut creme and mini perfume, Lip Balm and Love pop-open note cards from Compendium

4. Red, White & Blue! - $120 value
Adorable bear wearing a Little Boot Peep Head Peep/Scarf [bear is just a model, tho and is not included] and a $75 Hello Little Miss Lovely Anchors Away Box filled with goodies from Library of Flowers, Demdaco and more!

5: Champagne and Glitter - $50 value
Sparkly carryall zippered bag, Thimblepress Glitter PushPop, Papaya Art Paris Themed Post-It Notes, TokyoMilk Sweet Creme Lip Bon Bon and Champagne Flavored Jelly Belly’s

Enter the raffle on our Holiday Blog Tour to win one of these prize packs! Join the tour here!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Vote for Serendipity of Fate on Goodreads!

For all of you Goodreads users out there we need your superb internet clicking skills!

We currently are on the following Goodreads lists with Serendipity of Fate and need your help in voting it up the ladder on each of these lists to reach the top 10!

To Vote: Click on the link below. Then, simply click on the tab that says "add books to this list," and Serendipity of Fate (be sure it's in your bookshelf first) should be at the top of the list. Simply click "Vote for this Book" and you're finished! Each vote will help move the book up to higher on each list.

Here are the links, GO CLICK and VOTE MY PRETTIES!!!

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Friday, November 11, 2016

Happy Veteran's Day!

Happy Veteran's Day!! Thank you to all service men and women for your hard work and sacrifices! And to our armed forces personnel currently serving overseas (I'm thinking of you, my cousins!) we love you and be safe!

Today is a momentous day here at Author Headquarters, it's been several years since we published a new novel and today we end that dry spell epically! Welcome dear fans to Serendipity of Fate.

Serendipity of Fate dives into the combative love story between two people who couldn't be more opposite: a high powered design exec and a returning war veteran. Despite their differences their lives are intricately and irreversibly bound together through fate.

Monday, September 26, 2016

It's Almost Here!! Plus a Sneak Peek!

Serendipity of Fate is almost here!! Our official launch date is Veteran's Day, November 11th! And Kindle preorders have just opened so tell your friends and neighbors to reserve their copy now!

We also have the synopsis and the first three chapters up for you to read, click the links below and stay tuned as we ramp up to launch time!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Cupcakes and Books Scavenger Hunt! (Read: FREE STUFF!!)

It's that time again!! Scavenger hunt time that is! We're partnering up with Night Owl Reviews on a delicious new scavenger hunt ... Cupcakes and Books!! *stomach growls*

Just like the earlier hunts we've done, enter the scavenger hunt, hit author websites to find the clues (DON'T FORGET TO OOGLE OVER MINE!! sorry, toddler volume there...) and win a chance for a $100 gift card to Amazon. That equates to approximately: a never ending supply of $0.99 books, all the Washi tape in the world, a new gizmo, a Deadpool blu-ray (or Zootopia, you know, whatever floats your boat), new summer wedges and a matching boho purse. Um, yeah you gotta enter now because I can't and I just worked myself up over it! 

Here's the deets! Click the pic to enter!

Night Owl Reviews Cupcakes and Books Scavenger Hunt

Serendipity is BACK!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Update on Serendipity of Fate!

In just a few short days this bad boy gets shipped off to the editor's for round two of its three rounds of editing. This means that a production schedule is in full swing and on that schedule we have now a hard launch date. Yup, launch date. I'm going to squeak it out here since normally we keep that date hush hush and just speak in sweeping hand flapping generalities, buuuuuut. This November, the eleventh, Veteran's Day, this luscious heart pounding, patriot inspiring novel will blast out of its starting gate. Ye-haw! Of course as one of my beta readers said, "Awe! Why do we have to wait so LONG?!" And to that I say, keep your eyes peeled for freebies and giveaways before November! If all goes well (read: it doesn't return a bloody mess from editing) we may have copies available for early readers by July 4th! We'll definitly have samples before then here at the blog! So, stay tuned!


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year EVERYBODY!!!

Here at Romance Headquarters we're pumped for a new year and the prospect of getting Serendipity of Fate out the door and into your hands in the next few months!! We're dusting off the cookie crumbs and throwing away those liquor filled chocolates (they're such an awesome idea when you first see them at the holidays - Jack Daniel's and chocolate, awesome!! - then January arrives and it's... *blerg*) and getting back to work.

My boss let me have the entire month off of work (she's so great, I just love her, have I mentioned how awesome she is??) so I spent it crafting re-watching the ENTIRE series of Bones. The early stuff is sweet-sweet awkward romantic moments. I also never realized that they don't really slide us into her pregnancy really well. It's like, Bones is all: "I can't be with you Booth!" Pushes him away and Booth is all, "Fine! I'll go be in love with someone else!" Then Hannah rejects him. Enter sad faced Booth. I mean we all know they'll be together in the end but a little more hotty with a body moments after Hannah douched out would have prepped us for the next phase. You know, more scenes like the Christmas special where Booth responds to a bank robbery only to have the guy explode in front of him and Bones has to strip him back at the Jeffersonian...It's so hot even Booth has to look up and start reciting saints. And all of us are like, "I think I see a bit of particulate on that boxer brief Brennan... You're gonna have to take those off too!! AmIright?!"

Annywayyyyy... I digress! Books out, back at work, red pen of doom is to the paper and before you know it Serendipity will be in print. YAHOO!