Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I threw back the sheets and decided to blog this morning. My Little Man is down for his 45 minute to 3 hour nap (it's a choose your own adventure sort of thing for him) so I thought I'd head into the office and write! Little did I know the last entry was in... AUGUST?!

I have a feeling that the next time I sit down I'll be, "I blogged last in FEBRUARY?!"


I've dusted off my keyboard, unearthed my computer and fingers clicking away....I've totally forgotten what I was going to write about.


Yes, news! There is no news. Kidding, there's a teeny tiny little wee portion of news. The NaNoWriMo project Serendipity of Fate has received a touch of editing polish and will be updated soon. And by 'soon' I mean most likely this year.

Just a super short post today. I'm sure my next one will be longer, once I remember what I was going to write about.....

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