Friday, November 20, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! And Giveaway!

Happy thanksgiving everyone! As a celebration of thanking and giving we're putting The Legend of Lady MacLaoch and Forged up for free on the Amazon Kindle starting next week!

As for mommy-writerly stuff, things have been pretty busy for me in the last few months since my son has discovered walking and his own ability to discover things (read: chasing a toddler, harnessing a toddler, calming a toddler, entertaining a toddler...), deadlines have been delayed and entire scenes rewritten, but there's hope! Fingers crossed we'll get Serendipity of Fate 2.0 off to the editor in January and out to readers by the spring. (!!) After Serendipity, the next novel in the hopper is the sequel to Legend. (!!) Stay tuned!

Happy thanksgiving everyone and don't forget to tell your family and friends about the giveaway! You know, when you pass them the mashed potatoes next week. ;0) 


Monday, September 28, 2015

It's Hallowpalooza TIME!


Awe ya it's time for free books, prizes and sexy SWAG baby!!

I'm a sponsor this year to the Night Owl Reviews Hallowpalooza so I'm helping pimp it's awesomeness, deets are:

Grand prize: $100 Amazon gift card
Total prize pool: $1,000 and 113 winners.

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And get hunting!


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Welcome New Readers!

A quick shout out to the hundreds of new readers that downloaded The Legend of Lady MacLaoch during the giveaway this weekend! Holla!! And welcome! I know you're gonna love the intensity, beautiful Scottish scenery and pure drama that happens in its pages. Not to worry when you get to the end, we WILL have a sequel out in the coming year!

If you get to the end and need MOAR!! Check out Legend's page here and feel free to chat with me online via twitter, g+ or goodreads!

Happy reading!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

FREE on Amazon!

We're celebrating summer today through Monday the 31st with some cool Scottish love. Award-winning The Legend of Lady MacLaoch is FREE on Amazon Kindle! Be sure to share the love and tell your friends!

Escape to the Highlands and find yourself in love with a modern day fairy tale, click here to go to Amazon.

A legendary love, an unforgiving curse, and the discovery of a lifetime . . .

Centuries ago a vengeful curse buried itself deep into the history of the MacLaoch clan and become a legendary tale told by all those not cursed by its words.

In present-day Scotland, the laird and chief of the MacLaoch clan is an ex-Royal Air Force fighter pilot who has been past the gates of hell and returned a changed man. Rowan MacLaoch does battle with wartime memories and a family curse that threaten to consume him—unaware that his life and that of the history of the clan will be changed forever by the arrival of an American woman.

Cole Baker, a feisty recent graduate of a master’s program, stumbles upon the ancient curse while researching her bloodlines. Moved by the history of the MacLaoch clan and the mystery of its chief, she digs into the legend that had been anything but quiet for centuries.

On their quest for answers, Cole and Rowan travel to places they have never before been and become witnesses to things they have never before fathomed. The legend—one started with blood—will end with more shed as its creator finally exacts her justice.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Heatin' UP!

So.... Portland has pretty much been The Gates of Hell hot this summer. As Northwesterners we enjoy the foggy days, endless rain and suicidal tendencies from not witnessing the sun for nine months straight. So when we get a blazing hot summer as we've gotten this year, we complain. A lot. This year the number of days where it has been in the nineties and hundreds (Fahrenheit, people) has been in the 10 multiplier range. As in MONTHS of blistering heat. Personally, I'm so ready for cool weather and rain that upon seeing the rainy forcast for this week, I wept. Or maybe it was a trickle of sweat, I'm not sure.

To turn our frowns upside down (read: melted smiles) I'm giving away The Legend of Lady MacLaoch on Amazon Kindle for FREE this month (sorry about the caps, FREE doesn't get typed any other way here). Taking place in cool springtime Scotland, The Legend of Lady MacLaoch is just what we all need for a heat break. That is until you get to page two-hundred and fifty-four, then it gets HOT. IfyaknowwhatImean!

Mark your calendars! August 27-31!

Preview on Amazon here. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Goodbye to Facebook

It's been a long time coming. A long spammy, rights questioning, stalker of a time coming. I've broken up with Facebook. Left it. Said goodbye. Hit 'Delete'. Then 'Enter' @ "Are you sure?".

Has anyone else noticed that Facebook is like a third wheel? After my son was born I noticed it. It was this weird shift that I was stealing moments away from my family to read other people's status, update my status, then worry about those who were having a hard time. Then worrying that I wasn't posting enough. I realized some time later that it was consuming too much time out of my day. So I stopped logging in, quit the push notifications and just took a breather. That breather lasted months. And it was nice. Then something weird started happening. Accounts that I'd started, even after I'd unlinked them from Facebook, still posted things from Facebook to me. Websites I'd never been to showed my friends in Facebook in the widget in the corner. It was like I had a stalker. Everywhere I went in the cyber-verse it was there, trying to pull me back in with group mentality: "Everyone else is doing it!" I'm not sure about you, but when I ask someone to go away and they keep showing up like bad penny (drunk ex's anyone?) I get a little temperamental. So, about the hundreth time that I got a notification from an unrelated app that offered to send an invite to my "Friends" I logged into Facebook. I looked high and low for the delete button. Realized that they hid it. Went to Google. Found the How to Wiki for deleting Facebook accounts. Logged back in. Dug deep. Passed through the center of the Earth. High-fived Frodo throwing the ring into Mordor. Climbed Mt. Everest. Found the delete button. Hit delete. Answered the riddle. Sacrificed a virgin. Solved world hunger and now my account is gone.


I'm no longer of the Facebook world.

You know what's odd? I feel crazy liberated! As if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!

Even if this is just temporary until my next book comes out and I decide to start another fan page. I'm glad I did it.

Have you ever felt the need to unplug? Ever done a social media fast?


PS - For those on the fan page, will you do me a huge favor? Sign-up for the email list? [Click Here] 
I send emails every hour on the hour.... Kidding! I only send emails when I have announcements. I think the last one was over a year ago. If email is too old fashioned, I'm on Twitter (when I have time), g+ and my Goodreads page automatically updates with blog posts.


Making some maintenance changes to the blog. If it looks a little funny - that's why! Unless, you're looking at my author pic, then no, that really is funny. :0D

Friday, April 24, 2015


Synopsis....glug, glug, glug ....

That is the sound of me drowning in my own dread. They're long and hard (minds out of the gutter people!!) task to accomplish because I have to say everything that happens in the book in just a few short sentences. That's 57 THOUSAND words condensed to 100. Remember the cover?? Only HARDER.

Ideally this is my standard synopsis that I'd put on every one of my books:
Hot man with troubled past runs into smart and sassy woman who shows him what it means to be loved.

THEN for each book I'd add a qualifier to delineate each book like this:
In this book however the man is a wounded war hero and the woman a high-powered corporate designer.


Sigh. Yes, I will actually have to put on my big girl author pants and write the synopsis. Not everyday can be sex scene writing day!

In the interim we've got the first draft of the new cover for Serendipity of Fate. Since our main man is a war hero I thought it especially nice to go a bit patriotic here. Couple making out in a mist of red, white and blue... AWE YA!!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

New Cover - Serendipity of Fate

Been working on the edits to Serendipity of Fate (the NaNoWriMo entry we're dusting up, read it here) and the last thing that needs to be updated is the cover. We used images from the Transformers movies to help fill in the cover, while totally awesome and free advertising for Transformers when it was just a side project to a writing contest, it's now officially part of the family. With SF getting its own ISBN number and everything it's time that it also get its own cover that we officially own the copyrights to.

Book covers are hard. They are the cover graphic that surmises the entire book. Like a movie cover or wine label, we put a lot of stock and judgement into them. So, for me they need to be kickass and sometimes that's too much pressure to put on a person. Especially one who has a toddler and limited time on her hands. So for giggles I just did an image search on Google for "romance novel cover" - ha! BUT .... LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!

Horses don't occur anywhere in the book and the main character wouldn't be caught dead holding onto one or standing in ankle deep tide water in white pants (he'd actually say, "What the hell...? Why do I have holes in my damn pants?"). HOWEVER! It's such a great image of masculinity and power, why WOULDN'T I put that as the cover?? I mean as is, no edits. Okay, I'll put the title on there, but seriously, I'm done! Cover graphic? FINISHED. Boom! Next problem!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I threw back the sheets and decided to blog this morning. My Little Man is down for his 45 minute to 3 hour nap (it's a choose your own adventure sort of thing for him) so I thought I'd head into the office and write! Little did I know the last entry was in... AUGUST?!

I have a feeling that the next time I sit down I'll be, "I blogged last in FEBRUARY?!"


I've dusted off my keyboard, unearthed my computer and fingers clicking away....I've totally forgotten what I was going to write about.


Yes, news! There is no news. Kidding, there's a teeny tiny little wee portion of news. The NaNoWriMo project Serendipity of Fate has received a touch of editing polish and will be updated soon. And by 'soon' I mean most likely this year.

Just a super short post today. I'm sure my next one will be longer, once I remember what I was going to write about.....