Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I'm Back!! ... Well, Sorta

The website look has been updated, I've actually put words to the new manuscript and I have one manuscript in with the editor as we speak. So! I think this means that I'm back to work... Maybe.

We've hired on a little co-worker. He's two feet tall and weighs about the size of a small dog food bag. He's cool most of the time, then other times he vomits, passes out and craps his pants. Most of the time he's asleep on the job so I can get a bit of work done. Though he's begun to yell at me when I'm working, wants to show me this, or that. I tried to ignore him once but that reduced him to tears. My writing is now done in one of his drunken stupors or during one of his frequent narcoleptic moments. Though, he's shifty and sometimes he wakes up early and catches me writing. Which, again, makes him cry. He's not all bad though, we keep him on for morale. He's insanely cute and when he giggles there's a contact high. A really big high. One where you think your brain might explode in torrents of rainbows and glitter. This in turn makes me giggle and stare adoringly as he continues on his adventure, usually mouthing an object into a salivary mess.

Here's his employee photo:
Our newest employee: Little Man
Book updates:

As you can see on the left there, we've got Lapis Protocol and MacLaoch II coming out, they are slated for 2015. Currently Lapis Protocol is swiftly becoming a trilogy, with second and third books completed and first book being written now.

MacLaoch II is coming along, it's marinating nicely. :0) It'll pick up steam here in the fall when the weather turns foggy and whiskey drinking ensues here in the Northwest.

Hope everyone is enjoying the last bits of summer! Here in Portland it's been hotter than blazes for months, confirming that global warming has officially arrived. *wipes sweat from brow* 


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Meet the Queen

It was an amazing night with amazing seats! I got to meet one of the greats and it was totally worth it - she's sweepingly beautiful, entertaining and as a treat we got to meet her daughter who runs a local soup kitchen here in Portland. Who, for the record IS Brianna. :0) .... Meet the Great Diana Gabaldon.

Pre-show, in our badass seats! Me holding a copy of Moby (as Diana calls it).

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Raffle for Gabaldon Ticket at Newmark Theater in Portland, Oregon

The fabulous Diana Gabaldon, author of Outlander.
Why oh why would I raffle a Gabaldon ticket? Weeeeell, long story short I bought three tickets and one friend can't make it. I know I'll catch heat from someone in my crew that's actually dying to go, but as of now I don't know who that is, so let's RAFFLE! :0) Keep in mind before you put your name into the hat that you will be sitting next to me and my other Gabaldon loving friend. We're a wild pair. :0)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Under Construction

Does the site look a bit miss matched at the moment? Not to worry that's just the construction we're undergoing in preparation for Becky's big return to work on June July 25th. Stay tuned - we'll be undergoing daily changes!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Maternity Leave Thru June

Me and the baby unicorn at 9 mos.
I've always wondered what authors did when they had a kid. There's no office to report to or clients to pass off to other coworkers. At some point we just stop working, then at some point pick back up again. I'm at the Just Stop Working point. Mainly because concentrating on any subject for more than 6 seconds is getting very difficult. I suppose it's the body's way of preparing for labor, it's as if it says, "This shit is about to get real, real fast. How's about we shut that inquisitive brain right down to the awareness of a slug." With my due date fast approaching and my baby already dropped and ready for flight, I'll be having this bambino sooner rather than later.

So with my awareness of a slug, I'm putting in my notification for maternity leave now, before I ruin manuscripts and post weird pictures of birthing animals. I'm sure I'll have updates before this summer when I return, but I make no promises. :0)

Until then, syonara.

PS -  I'll probably still be blogging on my personal site Go Indie or Go Home if you're curious as to what I'm up to. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Day!

Highland snow [image via]
While the snow pours down outside and my husband has absconded with my computer to deliver an online technology workshop (don't ask why it had to be my computer, something about compatible OS's...) I've got sometime to bring y'all up to speed on books n' things.

The sequel to The Legend of Lady MacLaoch was speeding along merrily then somewhere near the start of my third trimester the line went dead. I'm not sure why, though I keep hearing things about "pregnancy brain". I assumed it pertained to memory function but now I know that Pregnancy Brain affects creativity too. It's sort of like slipping yourself half a Valium and going about your day. I suppose that's Mother Nature's way of preparing women mentally for childbirth. If we had all our marbles, the thought of pushing a human out our third hole would single-handedly cause the human population to go extinct. Maybe that's the real reason Neanderthals don't exist any more... So, until further notice the sequel to Legend is marinating in my subconscious.

In the mean time, I'm an editing fool. The futuristic love story that I completed (and has had the first round of reviews done), is currently on the operating table. It has sat for nearly six months and coming back to it with fresh eyes I had to send apologies to the people who already reviewed it. First drafts suck and I, for one, create the worst. But, on the up side (beneath all the rust I've yet to polish off) it is a rockin' story that y'all are going to love. There's no sci-fi in it, just 150 years into the future where the government has changed and our land is barely liveable. The heroine undergoes a massive transformation from the beginning to the end and our hero (Why yes, he is dark, damaged and gorgeous, why do you ask? ;0) ) loses everything and in the end gets his revenge, but not in the way he thought.

Anyway! We're playing around with titles on that one, Blue Poison, Lapis Revenge, Storm Blue, A Beautiful Death, etc. and the cover. Goal is create and upload them to this here blog, plus a synopsis, before I bear down and birth my baby boy. That due date is somewhere in the middle of April, but betters have me birthing as early as St. Patty's day. o.O

Upcoming giveaways:  The Legend of Lady MacLaoch, on the Kindle from Feb 13 - 17 in honor of the loooooooove holiday.

Don't forget I've got another month before my NaNoWriMo project comes off the interweb: Serendipity of Fate. Currently it's free on Smashwords and 99 cents on Amazon.

Monday, January 13, 2014

New Year - Back to Work Ye Scurvy Dogs!

It's January and as every new year arrives it seems that we spend the majority of the new year cleaning up after the chaos of the holidays. For me this is seeming to last mid-month... Yes, my Christmas tree is still up. Yes, my holiday Santa flag is still waving happily from the front porch and nary a Christmas decoration has been put away. But now that the calendar says 13th of January, I'm scared into action (lest I find myself at Easter putting Santa back in the box) and including tackling the holiday decorations I've also unburied my desk.

Picture is of me (six months pregnant, not large with excessive consumption of coffee cake) unearthing both my writing desk and a finished manuscript. With the clock ticking in my belly I'm bound and determined to get at least one book-baby born before my real one leaves his uterine nest.
Sound like a new year's resolution? Naw, more like an incredible amount of editing! But with any luck we'll have another book out this year - fingers crossed!

Now, back to work with me.... and a happy new year to all of you!

PS - My NaNoWriMo (Unedited) entry, Serendipity of Fate is now available in ebook via Smashwords for free and Kindle for 99 cents (soon to be free tho). Enjoy!