Thursday, September 26, 2013

It's a Unicorn!

I've decided it's time to let the unicorn out of the bag. Mainly because this Friday (tomorrow) we're having Tina Gayle on the blog and she's going to be talking about her pregnancy romance books and why that sub-genre in romance is so popular. That coupled with my nausea pronouncements on my other blog, folks be wonderin'.

What does all this mean?

I'm pregnant. Thirteen weeks (aka 3 months) to be exacting. Yup, pregnant. Certified by both doctors and by morning sickness.

The hubby and I's little unicorn. Below is it's first ultrasound picture. Adorable, no?? The other great thing? The due date for our little horned ungulate is April 1st. Yes, April Fools Day. Jackpot!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post where Tina Gayle (fellow Halloween scavenger hunt sponsor) shares a bit about her romantic series of pregnancy books. Fun!


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