Thursday, August 29, 2013

Book Blowout!

I've been watching too much TV lately, with all those car commercials and Labor Day sales going on all I could think of to call our massive giveaway this weekend was 'blowout', because it's gonna be a big one!

Forged is taking the lead for the giveaway weekend starting today going through Sunday then joining it is The Legend of Lady MacLaoch on Friday and going through Monday.

Fun part? Forged has a new cover (!) and as an ebook, it's officially a second edition (!!) - we made some minor conversation updates and a few changes to the dialog between Nate and Eva here and there. I know some folks wanted it longer, but save for three or four words hither and tither it's the same length. However, there is a big change coming - the ebook will be carried by Kobo starting Tuesday (!!!) and in the coming weeks the NOOK. So tell your friends their sexy reading options are about to improve!! 

 Today through Sunday (8/29/13 - 9/01/13) Forged ebook is free via Amazon

Friday through Monday (8/30/13-9/02/13) The Legend of Lady MacLaoch ebook is free via Amazon:

Monday, August 26, 2013

Interview With an Author

Today we have a very special interview, it's with book blogger and co-indie author Jennifer Garcia. Ms. Garcia is the author of the just released, My Mr. Manny. Please welcome Jennifer Garcia!


“Hello and welcome Ms. Garcia!” Becky says patting the plush leather chair next to her, beside the fire. “Please come, have a seat. Tea?” she says passing her a cup without waiting for her response.

Garcia, a savvy Italian woman, long dark hair and stunning features, takes a seat and the proffered cup, “I’d love some, thank you.”  

“Let’s get started here shall we? In an interview you gave awhile back, I read that you spent some considerable time at sea, on your father’s boat, is that right?"

Yes, that’s correct.

Can you tell us about that experience?

Of course, I think one of my first memories with my father is fishing off the back of his very first boat, Ms. Forbes, in Boston. I was just a baby and because we spent so much time together, he always took me with him to hang out on his boat.
As I got older and he moved to California, he actually spent many years living on a different boat he bought in Northern California. I remember slaving (I was a kid, any work was slaving) over the boat, sanding, lacquering, and scrubbing. I hated it then, because I wanted to just play not work, but now as an adult, I appreciate the experience and time spent with my dad. And play we did. He would take me and some friends to Catalina for weekend trips and give me free rein over our thirteen foot Boston whaler.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Calling All Stuck-in-a-Rut Writers!

Once a year Chelsea Cain and I get together and help sponsor our favorite editing firm's (Indigo Editing and Publication) annual Sledgehammer Writing Contest. This year is no different! (Do you like how I make it sound like Chelsea Cain and I are BFFs?? Really tho, we've never met, but I hear she writes real good [as in NYT Bestseller] and showed up at last Sledgehammer with a severed head. No joke on the severed head...)

This year Indigo is at it again helping writers all over Portland (and now the WORLD!) break out of their writer's block. Here's the 411:
36 Hours
6 Prompts
1 Short Story
$1,000s in Prizes
August 17-18, 2013
Nothing shatters writer’s block like a tight deadline and some good-natured competition. Sledgehammer 36-Hour Writing Contest attracts professional authors and sometimes-writers alike from far and wide.
Portland contestants will meet all at one location at noon on Saturday, August 17, where the Sledgehammer staff will give the first writing prompt and a clue. With that clue, you’ll embark on a scavenger hunt around Portland to collect a total of six writing prompts. Contestants in other locations will convene on the website [Sledgehammer Writing Contest] at noon on Saturday and will embark on a similar but online-based scavenger hunt for prompts. You must incorporate all six writing prompts into the original story you’ll write and turn in by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday.
To make the contest even more fun, you can compete either as a team or individually. Gather up some friends to create your own A-Team, or hole yourself up in a twenty-four-hour cafe to tap in to your own genius. There will be six categories in which you can potentially win a prize package—Team, Individual, Youth, Readers’ Choice, Judges’ Choice and, new this year, Out-of-Towners. Prize packages are already worth more than $20,000!
All winners will be announced the week of September 30. Winners are invited to read at various venues throughout the year. Learn more or to sign-up click here.
Win Good Shit, like autographed paperbacks of my books!! Sign-up today!! Sledgehammer Writing Contest