Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Good News, It's a Keeper

Just a quick update folks!

Over here at Author Becky Banks headquarters we've been working madly on two manuscripts at once. AKA - Becky's about to lose her mind or accidentally have Rowan show up in futuristic US during an environmental scare....

Here's the 411 - EPA Agent (to be getting a new name shortly!) got the thumbs up from the editor, it's good, needs a few tweeks and more introspection but well on its way to publish later this year/early next. We'll be holding naming contest for it in the coming months, plus getting its blurb up on the site and its very own page. (!!!) Stay tuned!

Legend II (which I know the majority of you are waiting with baited breath for) is due to the editor at the end of this month. She and Queen Peer Reviewer will give me feedback on whether or not we should trash the entire manuscript or print it immediately with some changes (aka - more sexy time!).

Stay tuned! Once we're in August we should have more fun things coming your way - contests, blurbs, oh my!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Working Hard, Real Hard

Why yes, that towel does say "It's five o'clock somewhere." And your point is?

As you can see I've been working diligently on writing.... The temps in Portland swooned up to 100 degrees yesterday, so refuge was sought in the chilly mountain runoff called the Columbia River. AAAHHHHHH....

Today? Back to the grindstone. And sweat. Dribbling out from under my arms.... Which makes working on a Scottish novel set in wet-chilly-foggy Springtime Scotland hard. As I mentioned on Facebook today, no doubt this heat will infuse itself into my writing somehow, like:
“Rowan, suddenly hot and sweaty from the blast of furnace heat, reaches back and pulls his shirt off. He stands half naked with sweat beading up on his lean, tight musculature..."
Anyway, I'm off now to see how to make dinner without turning the stove on, or creating heat of any kind...

Me. Workin' reeeeeeeeeeeal hard.