Monday, May 20, 2013

Gonna Have a Birthday Bash!

This year The Legend of Lady MacLaoch will be turning 2 years old!! In celebration to the May 27th birthday event we'll be giving away - first ever in print - a new 2nd edition (complete with swanky
new cover!) copy, fully outfitted with a personalized message to the winner PLUS a rockin' autograph. :0D

Raffle starts TODAY will close next week Tuesday 5/28/13. The fine print says just US (including AK & HI) & Canada peeps only, due to shipping costs.

Click below to enter!!

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itlnbrt said...

I want to read this book so badly.
Well, let's see, I love kilts and castles. Even though I'm part Scottish, I can't seem to get into whiskey and I know for sure I'd never like haggis. Blech.
But, yeah, men in kilts are hot!! ;)

Becky Banks said...

I completely agree! Men+kilt=hot. I did an ode to the man in kilt some time back.... I think I should repost that this week, for giggles and grins (and blushes). :0)

Anonymous said...

There's just something mysterious about a man with an accent - especially a scottish accent. I think women love a man in a kilt because we all want to know what he has underneath. Plus it shows off their muscular legs. Whiskey makes me sick and I've never had haggis. But I'm willing to give haggis a try if the right person asks.

Congratulations on your anniversary.

Becky Banks said...

Lynn, well said!!

Today, because we love kilted men so much, I've got a special birthday treat: