Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Legend Gets a New Cover!

This past week had me sequestered to the living room couch illin'. The first couple days were ok, just the usual, "I feel like crap - just put me down like the lame horse I am. I can't go on like this!" Meanwhile the husband rolls his eyes and buys soup and sets up my entertainment venue. But too tired to read/write/watch TV I just spent a lot of time in a pupae like stage huddled in my blankets, thinking. Doing lots and lots of thinking. It's the beauty (drawback?) of colds, they lay you out and make you unable to do anything worthwhile save for plotting and planning. Like being in the show 'Alias' where Sydney Bristow attacks her enemy shooting him up with the same chemical he used on his victims, paralyzing them save for their cognitive functions.

One of the plans during my pupae phase was a long time goal of mine - nearly since the day of its inception - of redoing the cover for The Legend of Lady MacLaoch. As an artist I need to do a lot of ruminating on a thing before I change it, this derives from my strong 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' attitude. After nearly two years of the same hauntingly dark cover and reader feedback, we're making a change. It's taken me a couple days to complete (since I'm on the mend and sporting a cool new smoker's cough from my departing cold) but now, it's done.

I give you, the new cover for The Legend of Lady MacLaoch ebook. I call it Light Ethereal Romance (couple making out in the clouds - fun!). The best part? We get to make another one when the sequel comes out in 2014. Woot!


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lady reader said...

Love it! Now, I need another copy, B!