Wednesday, January 30, 2013

MacLaoch Wednesday!

Portree on the isle of Skye Scotland, the inspiration for the town of Glentree in The Legend of Lady MacLaoch.

Welcome to The Legend of Lady MacLaoch post! Peruse the selection of topics below to learn a little more about the novel its characters, whisk(e)y and the beautiful Isle of Skye. I'll be adding new material to this page regularly so be sure to check back often!

PS - Burns Night was a success last week Friday: whisky drinking, Rabbie poem reading - actually got to talk with him on Twitter! Funny thing is I thought he was over a hundred years dead...

And! welcome to the thousand new Legend readers from the birthday giveaway! Yay!

And! in news, I know we've been covering a lot of Legend biz lately, so to all the Forged fans: not to worry, I'll be doing a Forged post here in the next few days... should be fun!! Cars, cars, cars, cars, cars, cars, cars, cars, HOT MEN, cars, cars, cars, cars.... :0) 

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