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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

As promised, I've bundled all chapters of Serendipity of Fate into an ebook, it is available for download here. Note, it is in the universal ebook format of .epub.

Aaaaaaand as a special Christmas surprise, I've added a bonus chapter called Christmas Special in the epub edition. ENJOY!!

[Download instructions: click on the link, select 'download' option. Once downloaded plug your reader's USB transfer cable into your computer, select the downloaded file and transfer to your reader. If you don't have a reader, download Adobe's Digital Editions reader here for your computer, and open file there. Enjoy!]

12 Days of Romance - Day 12 Happy Christmas Everyone!

This post contains explicit content. You're welcome. :0)

Chapter 21 - Follow-up

The flap and squeak of bats in the upper rafters of the old colonial woke Cason. Dawn had just broken on the horizon and the small black residents were returning home. He lay there on the cot listening to them, their flap and rustle echoed in the empty upper floor. It was a game between he and they on where they kept their entrance, he would find it eventually. Most likely, he thought, at the next storm.
His mind began to shed the grogginess of sleep, even though it was Saturday and allowed to sleep in, his mind had been far from restful. Purchasing the old gal had been a good investment. No one knew that he’d saved up more than enough to purchase it. His surgery would have put a financial crimp in being able to buy the foreclosure, but someone had come through. They’d said it was a fund for vets that paid for it, but he knew better. When Sophie Sparling got her teeth sunk into something, she’d not let go until she got it.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

12 Days of Romance - Day 11

Chapter 20 - Fallout

Sophie laid in her bed looking up at the dark ceiling. Her body memorizing the event that consumed her every thought since it happened earlier.
Cason coming to her, and his rough hands touching her in ways she’d never realized she wanted to be touched. Casey, had been wrong, sometimes a good rough bout with a strong man against a tree was just what the soul needed. Thinking of the way he’d filled her, had kissed her and eventually given himself to her had her smiling and turning over onto her side.
She couldn’t wait to see him again. Tomorrow, he’d be there at her mother’s for lunch. Would they know that something changed? Would her mother see through it all?
Sophie didn’t care, she just smiled into her pillow and let the memory of Cason’s body against hers escort her into sleep.

Monday, December 23, 2013

12 Days of Romance - Day 10

Explicit material below. If you are at work, please don't read the following chapter aloud.

Author's note: I'd just like to reiterate at this chapter that this novel was created to compete at the November NaNoWriMo. This means that it is wholly unedited. It also means that I didn't have the months I'd usually spend on a novel smoothing out its edges and refining the intimate moments. Intimate scenes take me, by far, the longest to create in a novel because they require the most sophistication and dedication to mood and emotion. This following chapter has had only days to cure, so please have a glass of wine before reading, it'll enhance your experience tenfold. ;0)

Chapter 19 - Love in the Woods

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” came a deep male voice off to her left. She heard the crack then of a branch as he moved through the thicket toward her.
Startled out of her reverie, her heart thrummed instantly, “Stop where you’re at, I have stun gun and will hurt you if you come any closer.”
She heard the man chuckle then say, “I’ve seen the results of that gun. I’ll stop here.”
“Cason you bastard. You scared the pee-wahs out of me.” She said blowing out the breath she had been holding, “Jesus…”
“Does that mean I’m allowed to approach?”

Sunday, December 22, 2013

12 Days of Romance - Day 9

Chapter 18 - Gala

The day of the honoring gala had arrived. Instead of directions to a downtown hotel, the gala was taking place at the country club on the ritzy side of town. It was nestled on thirty acres of prime golf land and manicured woodlands. The gardens were just as notorious as the wealthy families that frequented the place.
Sophie was glad she’d decided to take her mother’s advice and wear a gala worthy dress. It was dark as blood and thin as rain against her skin. She opted for the lighter fabric to keep her cool, since the nights they’d been having had been humid with southern warmth. With a diamond cuff about her wrist, long silver strands at her ears and a single karat dangled at the base of her throat Sophie checked her darkened eyes one more time in the bathroom mirror before setting out.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

12 Days of Romance - Day 8

Chapter 17 - Skeletons

The search had been futile. Sophie worked her projects and in between haunting the work sites of Cason’s construction company. He wasn’t due back to work until the next week, taking a full two weeks off from the doctor’s recommended one. The first had gone by and well into the second she kept up the search. None of his coworkers had heard from him, but they all had promised to call to keep her updated. She had a feeling, they knew where he was and agreed it was stupid to keep it from her, but they wouldn’t give it up.
Sophie stopped by that evening to her mother’s house, Chinese take-out in hand. She’d been stopping by daily until the last two days when work had gotten slammed with new clients. The week had been brutal to her personal time, leaving just enough hours to sleep before working again. She had mock-ups due and final layouts to approve which made the time pass but her guilt to pile up. Sophie couldn’t even take care of a grown man much less be there for her mother, whom the last time she spoke with her on the phone had sounded distracted. Sophie knew that the honoring ceremony was weighing on her mind, as her brother’s memory was being drug out of the shadows and into the light.

Friday, December 20, 2013

12 Days of Romance - Day 7

Chapter 16 - Cason Goes

The next morning greeted Sophie with a sore back and morning light streaming through her front windows. She stretched and kicked off her blankets reaching for her phone on the coffee table, it read six AM on the dot. She lay back again and put her arm over her eyes. The night before had been an experience and a half, it would be interesting, she thought, if Cason remembered any of it.
Why he thought that they were married and she, carrying his baby, she had no idea. It could be repressed feelings for her, but he played the bad guy in her life so well. Someone who had feelings for her that ran that deep wouldn’t be able to return her contempt so easily, could he?

Thursday, December 19, 2013

12 Days of Romance - Day 6

Chapter 15 - Operation

The operation room was sterile, the equipment was set and laid out to the side. The anesthesiologist was milling about with Dr. Mathers as they made small talk with Cason.
“Alright, we’re going to get started Cason. When you wake up, you’ll be a new man.” Cason saw Dr. Mathers face crinkle into a smile under his mask.
The anesthesiologist, a woman Dr. Mathers age, stood over him, “Ready?”
At Cason’s nod she placed the mask over his face and asked him to count backwards from one hundred.
Cason knew the drill, it wasn’t his first op, and instead of numbers he simply thought of Sophie. Thought of her in the garage, remembered the kiss, the real thing, then let his mind go perfectly blank.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

12 Days of Romance - Day 5

Chapter 13 - Garage & Chapter 14 - Mathers

Sophie headed down the hall to the garage. Halfway there her stomach did a gentle flip-flop. She ignored it and tossed the door open then closed it again.
Cason looked up from where he stood at the front of the car, the hood up and a greasy item in his hand.
“What do you want?” he asked looking back down again then bent over the engine compartment.
“Awe.” Sophie said resting her hip against the side of the car. The garage was an older one car shelter that narrowly held her mother’s sedan and the plethora of tools and storage boxes. The unconditioned space was just a fraction cooler than the heady outdoors. “Is that anyway to treat the coworker of your new girlfriend?”

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

12 Days of Romance - Day 4

Chapter 12 - Casey Blabs

Sophie thought that if the sun could take just one day off, it should have been that morning. Just one day where it could be pitch black so that her eyes didn’t feel like they were burning holes into her cranium.
Taking two ibuprofen was proving to not be enough for her hangover. Still in her rental car Sophie mused that the entire bottle of Malbec imported from Argentina was good. Too good, and if she’d gone to get a car as well, she would have rented a car anyway. Just to make sure she didn’t toss her cookies at the new leather smell.
Sophie’s mind was as clear as cotton as she showed up at her work. She gave appropriate “Good mornings,” and hand waves as she made her way to her office looking out over town. She got her things into her leather desk chair and tossed her sunglasses down before having the overwhelming urge to purge her insides. She left her office just then and ducked into the corner restroom and did so.

12 Days of Romance - Day 3 - Tape Delay!

Day 3 is here!!

I was too busy yesterday partying for Jane Austen's birthday (a birthday day that gets shared with yours truly, helloooooo twenty-three! Hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa, twenty-three, that's funny!) to get it posted, so here it is! Day 4's is right behind it, so hold on to your knickers!

Chapter 11 - Dinner and Drinks

Cason wasn’t one hundred percent sure on why he had agreed to go out with the woman from Sophie’s work. She’d been nice and incredibly easy on the eyes. He was sure her black hair wasn’t her real color but her doe eyes and equally wide rack on her tight body had made him think it couldn’t be all that bad.
She seemed nice.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

12 Days of Romance - Day 2

Chapter 10 - Nigel II

Sophie finished up at the office and headed out to her car, her next appointment that morning was Philip Nigel. It was pertinent, she was told, that they get his signature on the cancellation of the contract so that his project could be sent to the accounting department for payment collection.
Knowing Philip Nigel she thought, that was going to provoke him from his home and into the Knight offices to restate his significance in society. Sophie’s gut churned as she thought about seeing the man’s face again and his snake of a tongue.

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12 Days of Romance - Day 1

Welcome to the 12 Days of Romance!

For those of you who missed the back story to this posting: we started posting chapters of my National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) Contest entry back in November. The first eight chapters of that novel are up [view here] and as a celebration for Christmas we're continuing the posting of that contest entry through December (even though the contest ended on December 1st, we just HAVE to finish it!) ending on Christmas day with the entire novel complied into an ebook, just for you. :0)

To catch you up, below are the synopsis and first eight chapters.
Waiting desperately for Chapter 9 - Errand Boy? Scroll down past the chapter list below to start reading.

Cason McPherson and his childhood friend Ryan Sparling enlisted to the US Army together. Years passed and they served on separate missions until years later when the US military sent in a ground strike team into the Kandahar Valley. Joined together again they entered the valley but only a handful of men came out. Ryan wasn't one of them.

Back home, and suffering from war wounds himself, Cason watched as his commanding officer told Ryan's family of his death. Watched as the mother he came to see as his own wept and reached for him. While Ryan's younger sister, stoic and dry eyed stepped back.

Sophie Sparling lost the brother she loved to war, but pours herself into her work to hide the pain. When her mother invites Cason, the man who had once been her brother's best friend and the last to betray him, to live with her Sophie finds a willing participant in the outlet for her pain. Her resistance and anguish to the horrific truth of her brother's death slowly begin to come to light and eventually erode at her soul.

Sophie and Cason are forced to face their loss and work together in healing the scars that mar their hearts.

"Hot and passionate story of opposites attracting under anguishing circumstances. A true happily ever after." - Said No One Ever

Chapter 1 - Groceries
Chapter 2 - Nigel
Chapter 3 - Friday
Chapter 4 - Brunch
Chapter 5 - Wreck
Chapter 6 - Bed Rest
Chapter 7 - Aftermath
Chapter 8 - Refill

Chapter 9 - Errand Boy

The next morning came early, Cason was up and dressed for a full day of work. The surgery was still on his mind, he was glad to be heading to work early, he needed a distraction from the significance removing a chunk of shrapnel from his body. He grabbed a granola bar from the cupboard in the kitchen and saw a package for Sophie on the counter. It had been overnighted and arrived the day before from her cell company.
It took Cason a fraction of a second to tuck it under his arm and head out the door.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

NaNoWriMo Entry - Chapter 8

Chapter 8 - Refill

It was eight am when Cason found himself sitting in the waiting room of his clinic. In his work clothes and concrete work boots he felt out of place from the other much more polished patients waiting that morning. His refills were denied, a doctor’s visit was required. When he’d arrived for his appointment he’d been advised that his doctor had been pulled away on a family emergency and they were scheduling patients with other doctors. He’d be fitted in at some point, but they didn’t know when.
He’d asked if the nurse practitioner could just OK the refill. A resounding ‘no’ was given, there had been specific instructions that he be seen before the next refill.
Cason tried memorizing all the magazines on the wall first. Then counted the number of corners in the room before pacing to ease the sharpened stabbing in his hip that was now making his thigh go numb. It was nearly noon before he was called in. It was another half hour in the exam room, in the exposed exam gown, before the doctor came in.

Monday, December 2, 2013

NaNoWriMo Wrap-up

It's happened. The end of November showed up and I only got thirty thousand words down, that's a far cry from the contest winning fifty thousand. Queue losing music and exit stage left.

Not to fear all you hundreds of people who show up every time I post a new chapter (I love all you by the way, give yourself a hug - it's from me) I'll be finishing up this badboy before Christmas. And you'll get to watch as Cason and Sophie sort their things out. ;0)

In the mean time though, let's share in a conciliatory hug and hang our heads low at losing at NaNoWriMo this year, but make big promises to be back with a vengeance next year. I'd also like to take a moment of this team hug to mention that I could have easily copy and pasted my third novel that I'm editing into the word counter and have won. Just saying!

Back to the story at hand. This thing is shaping up to have close to twenty chapters so starting on December 14th we will be starting what I call the Twelve Days of Christmas.  Instead of me picking a random time to post chapters hither and tither, we'll have 12 back to back days of this story culminating in a free ebook for folks to download at the end. Ye-up I'm gonna wrap it up and give it to you for Christmas. So be sure to tell your friends, this holiday season will be the only time I give this thing away (read: I'll be going rogue and giving it away until my publishing team finds out and puts the kibosh on it).

On to Chapter 7!

Chapter 7 - Aftermath

It seemed like an eternity before the storm cleared and the Barney’s and their groggy furball left. Helen checked on her daughter again and decided to take her to the doctor first thing in the morning, with a half dose of Cason’s pain medication she was doing well. She busied herself with the dishes and leaving a message making her daughter’s doctor appointment, something she realized she hadn’t done in decades.
Her thoughts drifted to Cason who had seemed rattled when he’d left Sophie, darker even. She’d have to speak with Sophie about the way she treated him, especially now that he had saved her life. Helen, felt doubly indebted to him.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

NaNoWriMo Entry - Chapter 6

Chapter 6 

Sophie’s eyes fluttered open as the pain in her side shot her awake, “Ow, stop it.”
“Stop your fussing young lady.” She heard her mother say back at her and a gentle slap at her hands as she tried to push her mother away.
Opening her eyes, she recognized the purple paisley of her mother’s comforter folded down to her waist. The cool of the room brushing against her skin, her opaque red bra the only thing she was wearing.
“Mom… where’s my shirt? Why… oh.” She said and closed her eyes as her mother continued trying with her ministrations with a roll of gauze about her middle.
“You remember now? You’ll be fine sweetie, no concussion, thank the lord, but you’ve cracked a few ribs. The medics can’t get here in the storm and your car will most likely burn on the tree it landed on until the roads are clear enough to get to it. It’s a miracle Cason was able to get you back here.” She was quiet, the low light of the lantern next to Sophie on the side table illuminated her mother’s face.

Friday, November 22, 2013

NaNoWriMo Entry - Chapter 5

Just a reminder, this NaNoWriMo entry is unedited gold. So, there are many unrefined pieces that you'll notice along the way. I say this at the beginning of this chapter because my action scenes (a short one coming up) in my finished novels take me weeks to perfect. And not to mention are professionally edited three times before being put into print .... This one is not, bare with me folks! LOL!
With that qualifying disclaimer, we continue with our regularly scheduled novel. Enjoy! :0)

Chapter 5

Cason. She thought as she drove to the Nigel residence, her windshield wipers going at high speed. After everything he’d done he let her believe that he’d left his best friend to die. He’d told her he’d done nothing for Ryan. Only he’d been half right. All this time later and she was just now putting the pieces together. He’d nearly been blown apart. It’d been a blood bath. Her mind was vivid in conjuring up Ryan’s shot and bloody body and now though instead of seeing Cason step over him, he was ripped and bloody next to him. Trying to pick him up, trying to carry him to safety.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

NaNoWriMo Entry - Chapter 4

Chapter 4 

At ten AM sharp Sophie arrived at her mother’s house, between Cason and her horror client, Philip Nigel, she was going to have an ulcer before noon.
She sat in the car talking with Philip - more like going trying to smooth out the Rocky Mountains - when the Barney’s arrived She waved at them as they filed past her toward the front steps.
Bart looked immaculate in his relaxed white linen chinos silk shirt and matching cravat. His gator skin boots and matching belt Sophie knew were the same cost as her luxury SUV. She waved at them booth, her A/C blasting. The weather had turned drippingly humid and on the horizon a promising thunder head began to build.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

NaNoWriMo Entry - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

“Ms. Sparling, this is a classic case of bait and switch.” He said gesturing to the fine roll of silken hand stamped damask cloth. “I’ll not be paying for this.”
Sophie’s coffee hadn’t even had a chance to cool in her to-go container as she stood next to Philip Nigel, looking at the bolt of fabric. It was no less than twelve hours before that she’d been standing there talking with him about the very bolt of fabric that he’d wanted to get to know better. It was the same one that had been removed the day prior, it hadn’t even been unloaded from the decorating van.
“Why is that Mr. Nigel?”
“Just look at it, this isn’t what I wanted.”
“It isn’t what you wanted or this isn’t the fabric that was here the other day?”
“Don’t ‘round robin on me Ms. Sparling. Remember who’s paying you.”

Friday, November 15, 2013

NaNoWriMo Entry - Chapter 2

Here's the second installment of my NaNoWriMo novel. I'll be posting two entries - one today and another tomorrow - since this one is just Sophie at her job, there's no sexy-sexy Cason wandering around shirtless. :0)

Chapter 2
Sophie pulled into the semi circle drive that was ubiquitous in that section of town. Large old trees lined the road, old stoic homes set back from the street looked right out of colonial times. The home of Sophie’s client, Philip Nigel, was cream and white with navy shutters framing the eight front facing windows. The old brick drive had been paved over with concrete and the landscaping bore no resemblance to its neighbors. Nearly devoid of bushes, the grass was golf course short and in the midst of the circle drive was a lewd cherub fountain.

Friday, November 8, 2013

NaNoWriMo Entry - Chapter 1

For those of you following along on this NaNoWriMo adventure, I'm crafting a 50,000 word story by December 1st. And since it's a contest, I'm sharing each word with you here on the blog.

Today we have the first chapter to this raw (aka, omg soooo unedited) story of wounded love in Serendipity of Fate. Total word count: 1,655. Feel free to double check. :0)

Chapter 1

Sophie stepped out of her pearlescent, leather interior-ed SUV and hauled with her a bag of groceries for her mother. The late southern afternoon was like the others, hot, humid and downright suffocating. Bumping the car door shut with her hip she approached the house. It was a single level ranch home, in nondescript blue which blended in with the other nondescript 70’s ranch homes around it. A postage stamp front lawn, like the others marked it’s place separate from the cul de sac road. The lawns, the only means of homeowner expression ranged from untamed wilderness, fashion gardens to bright green lawns trimmed to within an inch of their life in military-like precision. Her mother’s was the latter.

Friday, November 1, 2013


So there's this contest, it's called NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month - and I'm pretty sure ding-dongs like me (professional novelists who are writing novels constantly), aren't supposed to enter. Its geared toward new writers, ones that are in need of some group cheering to finish that novel they've been tinkering with. But, as I prep for a blog post (for another blog) I thought I'd sign up to see what the hoopla is really all about.

Holy cow! This is fun!

It's like running a 5K where people shout your name and cheer you on... constantly. Brilliant!!! Emails have been rolling in, offering encouragement and suggesting meet-ups where I could interact with other NaNo contestants... Really, the question is how do I get this for the other 11 months out of the year??

As an already published novelist, you might be wondering, what in the world I'm going to do with this novel since there are two others that I'm writing and editing at the moment... and this one is to be crushed out under the pressure of just a month? I'll tell you, because I thoroughly love a challenge and it's a great way to release creative energy without the pressure of an outline or the weight of a prior novel. It's a sketch, it's also how The Legend of Lady MacLaoch came into being.

So, it's part experience and part challenge. Part of the perks will be that I'm sharing all of it here with you. Yup. Every last grammatically error driven crappy sentence will be up here for y'all to count my words and keep me honest! Since the goal isn't to create total Awesome, it's to hit 50K words (a full novel) by December 1st.

So here are the first steps: I had to name it, name myself (my handle isn't stellarly creative: authorbeckybanks) and come up with a synopsis. Can I tell you how hard that was to do??? I usually do the book naming and synopsis all right before publication, as in the night before. So, yeah, I'm winging this. Enjoy!

Note the lack of book cover - I'm a bit behind.... :0D
 Because the text above is the size of miniature ants here's my NaNoWriMo entry novel's synopsis [11/12/13 Update - I changed Chloe back to Sophie after this post. Had too many 'C' names goin' on]:

Cason McPherson and his childhood friend Ryan Sparling enlisted to the US Army together. Years passed and they served on separate missions until three years later when the US military sent in a ground strike team into the Kandahar Valley. Joined together again they entered the valley but only a handful of men came out. Ryan was not one of them.

Back home, Cason watched as his commanding officer told Ryan's family of his death. Watched as the mother he had come to see as his own weep and reach for him. While Ryan's younger sister, stoic and dry eyed stepped back.

Chloe Sparling lost the brother she loved to war and pours herself into her work to hide the pain. But when her mother invites Cason, the man she sees only as the one who had talked Ryan into joining the military, to live with her. Chloe's resistance and anguish slowly begin to erode at her soul.

Chloe and Cason are forced to face their loss and work together in healing the scars that mar their hearts.

"Hot and passionate story of opposites attracting under anguishing circumstances. A true happily ever after." - Said No One Ever

[11/04/13 Update] - had to change the title because some other (more famous) novelist already had it, so now, it's Serendipity of Fate. Yes, it makes no sense, but it's not already taken! :0D  

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Nate. You Naughty, Naughty Boy

Nate, he's hot. As in hot-blooded Italian who is passionate about all things ladies and cars. Today we dive into his character in depth. WARNING THIS POST CONTAINS MASSIVE SPOILERS ABOUT FORGED.

Nate's tall, broad-shouldered and excellent with his hands. He's become a wealthy mover and a shaker in the Portland area, but has kept his street smarts - stripes he earned in a life that hadn't come easy for him.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Legend II - Writing Interuptus

The sequel focuses on Lady MacLaoch's love, the Minory swordsman. [image via]
 I've been a major proponent for finishing a book even if you're not sure what in the hell you're writing about half the time. And for the most part I still believe in this philosophy, especially for new writers who have yet to finish a manuscript. It's the thrill of finishing (even a shitty first draft - as Anne Lamott would say) that propels new writers to have it reviewed then actually pursue editing it. At least that's what did it for me. But not any more.

Monday, September 30, 2013

MacLaoch Monday

Kyleakin, located on the eastern coast of the Isle of Skye. [via]

Welcome to The Legend of Lady MacLaoch Monday post! Peruse the selection of blog topics below to learn a little more about the novel, its characters, whisk(e)y and the beautiful Isle of Skye. I'll be adding new material to this page regularly so be sure to check back often. Sláinte!

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Guest Post: Tina Gayle on Pregnancy Romance

Just a quick introduction before I let Tina take it away. Tina Gayle, fellow author and co-sponsor of the Halloween Scavenger Hunt with NOR, specializes in a sub-genre of romance that I currently find fascinating. Currently, I'm several months pregnant with my first child and am seeing the world a touch differently than I did just a handful of months prior. My belly is getting larger, I breath heavier and when I sit down to work I sit down with characters who aren't pregnant. That is why Tina Gayle's series of pregnancy romance books intrigued me. I may not feel sexy right now, but that doesn't mean I can't indulge in a romantic fantasy and what better fantasy than that of a woman who's pregnant too?

Without further ado, here's author Tina Gayle with her blog post called Love Those Babies.

One of the most popular sub-genres of romance happens to be stories written about women with children or women who are pregnant.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

It's a Unicorn!

I've decided it's time to let the unicorn out of the bag. Mainly because this Friday (tomorrow) we're having Tina Gayle on the blog and she's going to be talking about her pregnancy romance books and why that sub-genre in romance is so popular. That coupled with my nausea pronouncements on my other blog, folks be wonderin'.

What does all this mean?

I'm pregnant. Thirteen weeks (aka 3 months) to be exacting. Yup, pregnant. Certified by both doctors and by morning sickness.

The hubby and I's little unicorn. Below is it's first ultrasound picture. Adorable, no?? The other great thing? The due date for our little horned ungulate is April 1st. Yes, April Fools Day. Jackpot!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post where Tina Gayle (fellow Halloween scavenger hunt sponsor) shares a bit about her romantic series of pregnancy books. Fun!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013