Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's baaaaack!

It's done come back now. The second round of edits to Forged that is. Just hot off the editor's desk and onto mine. Which means goodbye, for now.

I'm in the rapid down-spiral of transforming this hunk of text into an honest to goodness book, which means a lot of eye-breaking formatting work and rapid mousing. But the beauty of it all? I can't wait for it to be wrapped up and bound, to sit up all pretty like on a shelf and look back at me and say: "Care for another gander of page 169 and that epic duct tape scene? Hmmmmm??"

"Yes, let's."


Small Book Blogger said...

You might want to re-enact that scene, make sure it feels real. LMAO!

Becky Banks said...

Okkaykaykay get this. I did. WAIT, just one part. You know, putting the duct tape on your skin. And well, it didn't stick. BUT I was using that designer duct tape which we all know wouldn't hold a plane wing together... Of course I pulled out a few hairs when I ripped it off, but not like skin pulling-bandaid tearing bad. Not even close. So, it's safe to say. Go ahead ladies, duct tape your tits... :0D