Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Just got back from an amazing weekend in central Oregon on a lake called Suttle, and subtle it is not. ;0)
Growing up in Hawai'i we'd always get catalogs and magazines that showed mainlanders at lakes in the summer time. It's the quintesential picture of happy people drinking lemonade in the shade as the sun beats down on the clear blue of the lake water near by. LL Bean is full of summer time photos of people canoeing or swimming in these picturesque country lakes. After decades of looking at them I
finally rounded up the family (hubby and puggaloos) and went. Oh my gawd! It's great! No wonder people at lakes are on magazine covers and in catalogs - lakes are awesome! We hiked, rowed, ate, drank, laughed, swam, canoed, ate some more... all in the most amazing place. 

Suttle Lake lodge
View from the breakfast table.
One of the many cabins on site.
The hubby and me.
Suttle Lake w/ cinder cone in distance.
Lunch on the lake!
View from the lodge.

How did you spend your holiday?

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D.Anderson said...

How fun. Great pics!