Monday, June 18, 2012

Poetry Monday!

Mom circa 1970's
 Today we have a special guest poet: my Mom.

Recently, after 26 years of living in our childhood home, my parents moved and unearthed some really great stuff. Anyone who has moved knows that the longer you are in one place the more moving becomes an archaeological dig. Like discovering love poems from the '60's and '70s. The great (read: scandalous!) part about it? They are NOT all about my dad. :0)

Here's the first of the unearthed (and sharable [ha-ha]) poems that my mom wrote - this would be late '60s.

Brown Eyes
Brown dancing eyes
Moving, thinking
Maybe he's here somewhere?

Hope not, hope so
Changing we are changing.
Mine are visible and known
His are hidden unknown.

Moving thinking
Brown familiar eyes
Glancing my way
Set my heart and soul dancing.

Moving forward
He's moving forward
I am moving east
He is moving west

My God stop this moment
Stop my feet from moving
Keep the light from changing.

Brown smiling eyes
Throbbing pulse
Did he even know it was me?
Did those brown dancing eyes even care?

It reminds me of the first time you have a crush on someone - does he like you? Do you like him more than he likes you? The hoping that he shows up to that party you're invited to, and the excitement associated with it all.

Do you remember all of your old flames? Or just ONE in particular?

Suprisingly this actually reminds me of the brown eyed poem I wrote about our childhood dog Mocha. Startlingly familiar actually, except for the throbbing pulse part. ;0)

Check in next week for the second poem!


Anonymous said...

Amazing how much you look like your mom via that photo.

Becky Banks said...

Pretty incredible huh? When we were kids, and our parents embarrassed us, my brother and I would agree that we were adopted. The photo above pretty much blows up that idea.