Wednesday, June 6, 2012

MacLaoch Wednesday: Nicole Baker

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Today let's dive into the Baker family. The Legend of Lady MacLaoch's theme of surprise family bloodlines is based, in part, on my own experience with it. Similar to Nicole's (Cole) experience, my own grandfather one afternoon while we were all gathered around, was telling us about our great aunt so-and-so and mentioned casually that by blood we are not Banks'. Like the Bakers (close in name too...) that announcement came as a shock. We are an obnoxious, opinionated and charming bunch that take being Banks' seriously. It's a trait and such a strong one that my husband can go through all my relatives that he knows and figure out which side of the family tree they're on by their behavior. :0) And we like it like that. Unlike the Bakers the majority of the younger Banks' have found that being from another bloodline is intriguing and are researching our genealogy. Since I'm not one for research I chose make-believe and wrote a book about it. :0)

Cole Baker is from South Carolina  (I actually slip up a lot and say Georgia, which makes me wonder if I judged her character wrong, then I remember I'm the writer and she must do as I say, and I say she's from South Carolina, dammit. But I digress...) and based loosely on a very good friend of mine who was raised in the South. Other aspects of her character are derived from my upbringing. My grandmother's family are from Louisiana and as a proper lady tasked with my upbringing those roots (blended with Hawaiiana) are deeply ingrained in me. Such as the phrase, "Becky? Act like a lady, get your elbows off the table and for Christ sakes sit up straight!" For those of you who've read the book you know right where that went in. :0)

Cole's family owns and operates a peach orchard in South Carolina, of which I took creative liberties and made the peach trees taller than the average variety so that she can have a very erotic moment with a clan chieftain in those fields. What was printed has an extended version. Earlier this year my good friend over at Lady Reader's Bookstuff posted one of the scenes that had gotten deleted when it went to editing, and I leave you now with thoughts of luscious summer warmed peaches and hot naked men. Ha-ha!!

*caution explicit material*

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