Wednesday, May 16, 2012

MacLaoch Wednesday

The Stor, Isle of Skye from WikiCommons.

As I begin the final slog through the peer review as well as my own edits to the latest manuscript, Forged I'm acutely reminded of what lies ahead from my experience with The Legend of Lady MacLaoch. In many ways I'm worse off this time around because I know what lies ahead. I know that I'm in the analytical phase of the manuscript where I tear apart the reasons for placing "the" in the particular place that I did, and whether or not to remove it or keep it for flow. Everything is questioned, gone are the days of blind happy creativity where I place words upon the paper and look at them lovingly, and feel as if I've created something truly great and entertaining. In it's place is, "why the hell did I say that?" "What's the point of him wrapping his hand around her thigh? Shouldn't he grasp her instead?"

With The Legend of Lady MacLaoch I had no idea how long getting the manuscript out would take, it was like being on a 600 mile journey thinking the end was just around the next corner. I do have to say that with this iteration of manuscript publishing I have more time, expectations are more realistic and almost leisurely. Almost.

While this might be The Legend of Lady MacLaoch's posting day, I do want to update everyone who is waiting with baited breath for Forged. Currently it is looking like a release in September will be quite doable, once it is back from the first round of editing from the pros I'll be announcing a release date and final cover reveal. At that point y'all will be able to run to Goodreads and put it on your TBR list!! WOOOHOOO!!

Now back to editing.


Anonymous said...

You may want to re-think that last "the," it really spun me out! :) I re-read your first "MacLaoch" and loved it even more the second time! I am totally ready for the next one. Good luck! -Jody

Becky Banks said...

LOL!! Thanks Jody!!