Monday, April 23, 2012

Poetry Monday

Today if you are in Portland (or in the Pacific Northwest for that matter) you are acutely aware that the sun is beating down outside and we are racking up record temps for today. We'll probably reach 80 degrees by the time the day is out, which is PHENOMENAL for Portland this time of year.

In this vein I decided to dig up a scrapped poem I did last year while sitting in the sun, in April no less. April seems to be the month we relish the sun the most, the month where it plays games with our NW hearts as it peeks out and hides again from behind the clouds.

So here it is on this sunny Northwest day:


The sun is like a warm hand upon my face 
Cupping gently against my skin
Warm and reassuring, like a lovers gaze
And when it disappears behind a cloud
So too is its love, wrenched from me
Leaving me cold and longing in its wake
Yet it returns once more and I bask
Unquestioningly in its glow

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