Monday, April 9, 2012

Bad Poetry Monday

Many moons ago I was an angst riddled teenager with a lethal dose of prepubescent adolescent hormones in my blood. In that stage I wrote the majority of my poetry. It's not really poetry it's more like words on a page with clipped sentences. But, it's emotion fueled and I dug some up to share Monday's here at the blog.

Here the first of them, this is dedicated to every woman who's been jilted by a guy. And ho' boy is it RAW!


In the moment I knew him
I knew all I needed to about love.
 He held me enraptured.
My serpentine defenses
Fell dead upon his feet
As I watched to see
If the key he possessed
Fit the lock on my black heart.
 Instead he removed
A brick from my mighty tower.
And down I fell.
A secret to my handsome warrior
I am yours
My defenses have crumbled
Come to me once more
My serpents will not bite
My black heart will not drown
And the keyhole you will reach.
 I beg you from my crumbled perch.
Come again and try once more for me.
I now see the picture you portray.
The woman you desire does not hold my name.
I see you now my prince all too clearly.
 A word of advice for my handsome warrior,
Come again and
The serpents will devour you
The black knowledge will drown you
And the keyhole will never have your key.
 I used to think that I knew all of love.
But how suddenly I realized that all I knew was nothing.

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