Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So you say there's a tour...

"Becky" you ask, "What's with all this talk of pink flamingos on a blog tour and a giveaway next week??"

I'm so glad you asked. Let me give you the 411.

We're celebrating spring break 2012 with a Legend of Lady MacLaoch blog tour and in that spirit we've pulled together a smokin' cool pink flamingo tour badge bag and stuffed it with your beach party essentials: flamingo pink boa laced drink koozie, a puck of flamingo pink surfboard SexWax (only the best!!) and one bonafide suck-you-in-play-with-your-emotions-then-let-you-go beach read ---> The Legend of Lady MacLaoch. Oh, and the paperback? It's autographed. To you. If you win. So good luck next week ladies (and gents)!

And what's a giveaway without some fine print: This giveaway (bag, drink koozie, wax, paperback) are for US participants only. Though! I don't like excluding anyone so the giveaway is open to International participants as well, however, the giveaway for International folks will be an awesome ebook copy of The Legend of Lady MacLaoch in your preferred ereader format (epub, mobi, etc.).

Mark your calendars and head over to the blog tour page for the tour schedule. Click here!


lisa :) said...

Flamingos?? Too fun! Especially looking forward to the virtual Scotland vacation!

Becky Banks said...

Aren't flamingos fun?!? I had a post a while back asking what would make a great giveaway - since we see so many free kindles and ipads etc - I wanted to do something fun. Ash from The Bookish Brunette whipped by and was like (literally): FLAMINGOS!!!!!!!!!!!

And, there ya have it. Flamingos! :0D