Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Aftermath . . . of Christmas

As I sit here on this fine Wednesday morning sipping my Earl Grey in the mountain of my presents* I blissfully call on that wonderful Christmas morning when I opened them all and fondly recollect on all the splendor.

One such memory comes to me as being the finest present of them all. Yes, as in one ring to rule them ALL. Now, I should preface this with, I got some pretty awesome gifts and one came in check form - pretty awesome. No, this gift is epic. This gift is a hand quilted pillow with my friggin' book's picture on it!! E P I C !!!!! Take a look at its picture below, isn't that some serious awesomeness? Now go tell Annie (the pillow's creator) that you love it and her, and while your there follow her blog. :0D

Now here's a picture of the picture of my book pillow. That I now currently sleep with.

* Caution: Highly exaggerated


Ali said...

I love the book pillow, totally cute :)

Unknown said...

What a thoughtful and gorgeous gift!

DAnderson said...

Amazing!What a great gift.

Small Book Blogger said...

Just think, someday you'll have a pillow room. LOL!

Hollister Clearance said...

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