Monday, November 28, 2011

LibraryThing Winners!

We had over 300 entrants to The Legend of Lady MacLaoch LibraryThing giveaway but only 5 lucky winners!

Congrats to Heather, Cheryl, Sandra, Kevin, and Kelsy!!

Monday, November 21, 2011


It's that time again!! And raise your hand if you thought you had at LEAST a week or two more until the big Turkey Day??  *raises hand*

As we all are hustling about running errands or "doing it" (read blog post here) I thought I would throw out a recipe that my gran made every year. It was that pink frozen thing that would show up after the turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes had been consumed. It's one of those desserts that's so strange that I have to post it here for folks to make. It's called Grammies Arctic Freeze.

Grammie Banks’ Pink Arctic Freeze

1 can whole cranberries
2 3 ounce pkgs of cream cheese, softened
2 Tbs mayonnaise
2 Tbs sugar
1 9 ounce can crushed drained pineapple
½ cup chopped walnuts
1 cup whipping cream, whipped, to be folded in last

Mix first 6 ingredients.
Then whip the cream and fold it into the mixture.
Pour into a regular size loaf pan and cover with saran wrap.
Freeze for at least 6 hours. Best to do the night or day before.

Most important is to remember to take it out about 10-15 minutes early to
soften a bit. Then put it on a plate, slice it and serve it! Looks nice on a bed
of lettuce, also.

Do you have a strange holiday recipe or tradition?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Do It

Love and the making of it.

This topic often comes up at cocktail hour with the ladies, each of us comparing love lives – and it’s something of a revelation for me to hear the confessions of those who’ve gone months and years, without an intimate moment with their husband. And not for medical reasons.

When was the last time you made love to your husband? The man you’ve committed your life to? Yesterday? Couple months? Was it a year ago or more?

Today we’re breaking the love ban. Today, entering the most stressful time of year we are going to find time, make time, invest in the time to make love.

I devote my life to the creation of love, the manifestation of it through trial and circumstance in my characters. Not unlike daily life, where we get the kids ready for school, then head to work, then to after work activities, home again, eat and to bed too exhausted to think about making love much less do it, but - oh yes, there’s a but (and a butt) - not any more. Not today.

Today, this morning, find him and kiss him. Tell him that you love him. Set aside your task, your differences that have cropped up over the years – no matter how trivial or heavy they may be, put down your cell phone/his cell phone, and remember – vividly – why you fell in love with him. He’s your best friend, compatriot, the loving father of your children, the one who held your hair back when you got too drunk one night six years ago, or last week. ;0) Now, kiss him again.

Love, is an intimate act. Some say it’s hard, complicated, and stressful. Only if you let it. And today, it’s not. Today it is simple, today it is uncomplicated, easy and joyous. It is the sharing of a moment together, the soft kisses and a giggle. Yeah, you know there’s giggling. It’s slow. It’s the moment that you steal once the kids are off to bed or at a friend’s house. It’s the moment you get when the bedroom door swings shut with that knowing click. It’s the moment you’ll get today when all else has gone completely berserk but in this one thing you’ll find someone you’ll remember that you love. Someone that will ease your heart and make you smile. It is that person you’ll make love to today.

During the holiday season, it is easy for us all to get wrapped up in food preparation, gift buying, holiday party hosting and forget the finer moments. The moments between taking the turkey out of the oven and making gravy that you steal a kiss or a scandalous fondle. It’s remembering that through all these amazing luscious wonders of the season that we are humans and by nature we are emotional creatures who thrive on love. And while you are having a panic attack over the last of the Diestel turkeys having been sold moments ago and where on gods green earth are you to find another?? Take a deep breath, think of that lovely intimate moment you shared with your husband and smile. Because who gives a shit when you have that?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Paperback Giveaway

November 24th at 7:46pm The LibraryThing giveaway of The Legend of Lady MacLaoch will CLOSE - FOREVER!! So head over there and get your name down!! Today!!

Click here to enter giveaway (some scrolling down the page might be involved).

Monday, November 14, 2011

Guilty Pleasure

It's been lazy dayz around the house lately. Nothing but finishing the ending of The Mechanic (working title), schmoozing with folks about The Legend of Lady MacLaoch, playing with sex wax (see Lady Reader's Bookstuff blog entry), and reading truly awesome smut.

What I've been reading. Don't judge! LOL!
Truly awesome smut comes in the form of (for me at least) well written creative writing that explores ideas that I've not even thought of with a penetrating love story. *snicker*

I was enthralled this weekend with Seducing Mr. Darcy by Gwyn Cready. As a recommended read by my girl Annie over at The Small Book blog I have to readily admit that I wouldn't have touched the book with a ten foot pole because of its cover. And yes we are all taught to not judge a book by its cover but I also know that the percentage of novels that I read with swooning women in the arms of a half-naked-baby-oil-sheened man are fairly low. Only because these tend to be the corporate romances that demand several books from their authors per year, yielding low-quality high-quantity novels. That said, my horizons were expanded this weekend as I delved into the pages of a unique, well written, goofy, complex romance that featured the characters from Jane Austen's beloved Pride and Prejudice and a modern day bird researcher. The main character is funny, the story is action packed, the hero is smart and likeable.... Anyway if you have the time and a large glass of wine and an empty couch to lie on - pick it up, it's a good one. I pinky swear.

What's your go-to guilty pleasure?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Modicum of Normalcy

Warning: this is a random post.
I've been laid up with my annual cold from Wednesday thru today. Little on the mildly insane side today as I've watched my entire Netflix queue, read all my fun fluffy (read: easy on a snot filled head) books and now have just the internet to entertain me... which as we all know is the rabbit hole of rabbit holes.

Well, I'm off to google stalk, chat, take cold medication and be a downright nuisance to anyone within arms and vocal reach. And since the hubby left me to my devices that means the only ones left to do my bidding are my pug minions.  Yes? Hello? World Domination is that you? It is? I'm coming darling. *cough, cough, HACK*

Anyone have some fun and entertaining sites they'd like to share? I'm even open for Netflix Insta-watch recommendations too!!

Speaking of entertaining, have folks been over to Bad Lip Reading? Here's a funny one:

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Becky at The Good E Reader

Me in an interview for ebook of the week! Click link below to view it.
My girl Mercy over at Good E Reader asked me the other day if I'd be game for doing my upcoming feature for ebook of the week via Spreecast with her. After .0002 seconds of deliberation I said, Y E S ! and went about my merry way until it was time to do the interview yesterday evening.

I suppose it was right before the interview that I realized it would be recorded. Recorded, my face and all the words I say entombed for an eternity. And along with that eternity it would be blasted out for the ENTIRE world to see. And because I'm an optimist I assume that roughly the entire population of the world will see it - despite their access to the internet.

Though in the aftermath of the interview I can reflect and safely say that I avoided lighting myself on fire and doing anything that would prevent me running for president in the future. And I did it for an entire 4.45 minutes. Not bad, not bad at all.

Check out Mercy and me in our interview: click here.