Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dedication to a Certified Badass

Bobbie Banks 1921-2011
On Monday my grandmother, the woman who taught me many things in life, but above all else eat peanut butter, love potatoes, and don't take shit from nobody--oh, and sit up straight, elbows off the table and act like a lady, left this world for another. She was 90 years old, and is survived by her even ornery-er sister who is 94.

Gran was a certified badass. She was also a lady, a tomboy, and untamed spirit who enjoyed cooking and caring for others, as well as a pick up game of volleyball or the random road trip. Sure, she taught me how to sew, cook like the devil (she was originally from New Orleans y'all), and take tea at 3p. But more than that she passed on to me a sense of strength and confidence - even in the face of adversity. Having lived through WWII and the attack on Pearl Harbor, of which, I remember her telling me that she was standing on her back porch when a Japanese war plane went by. She said he was so close she could see the pilot's face in the cockpit.

Through the depression and wars she lived, and with an enduring sense of freedom. Recently I was home visiting her and I came across a photo that represents her to a T. Its her as a young woman, she's astride an partially tame stallion with bare feet and sans safety gear, smiling from ear to ear as he rears up and takes off. It's a note worthy piece of gran memorabilia, she was both a lady and a hellion, to the very end. And I, as well as all those she left behind, will miss and love her forever. Goodbye gran and God bless.

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beckarooney said...

That's a beautiful tribute, Beck. Coming from that stock, I'm not at all surprised that you possess strikingly similar qualities. :o)