Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Office Envy

My temporary office on Maui.
Just a quick post - I took this yesterday while at my temporary office. I'm currently working on my second manuscript, a gritty sex-riddled love story about a man with a tattered past and a strong headed woman who walked away with his heart, and now wants back in. Its working title is called The Mechanic (it will change, please don't get attached). This was actually a short story that blossomed into a full-blown novel before I could stop it, so naturally I let it have it's way.

Well, back to writing! And gloating from my family's place in rural Maui. :0)

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Blake Mitchell said...

Heheh, that does look like a wonderful office space. With regards to space, there's a lot of it there! Indeed, when one needs to be creative, it's important to have a workplace that feels relaxing and open.