Monday, April 11, 2011

Kill Joy, In a Good Way

A while back I'd been perusing (some say stalking) one of my favorite authors on her blog and I ran across an entry where she was complaining about editing. Saying that she was glad to be back to writing after a long slog of editing, since that was her favorite part of being an author. And I remember thinking that wow, how spoiled was she that she didn't appreciate all aspects of her writing career, that she didn't take pleasure in editing affronted me - a budding author.

Now I know. Oh, now I know. What she meant was that she was glad to not have to look at that book ever again. To never have to utter the third paragraph down in chapter 23 for the 45th time to make sure that the underlying intonation of those words properly set the reader up for the action sequence that follows. Oh yes, I now know that she's saying that taking on new writing she may, just may, forget that at one point she could recite her book word for word, page for page, forward and backward. While asleep.

Anyway - my pain isn't all that great. I've got a fabulous pit crew at Indigo Editing and Publishing that's doing all the hard work. :0) 

Pub date? MAY!!!

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