Tuesday, April 26, 2011

They're Baaaaack!

This last round of edits came back on Friday and since then I've been prepping the manuscript for print and doing a final proof. And this part of the process - the formatting - is a pain in the ass. As a pro in the marketing field I use the professional programs that would take this formatting and make it into a dream. BUT for home use - and yes I've used all the 30-day free trials I can get with the pro software - I have to use Word. And while Word isn't horrible, it sure as fuck isn't a breeze to format a 245 page document. It's the little things like getting the text to line up exactly from one page to the next at the top and the bottom, or if you want to change the location of the footer to the header in InDesign you don't need to murmur a prayer prior to making that change. In Word? Prayer and maybe a sacrifice is needed so that you don't randomly lose a chapter. And yes, I'm quite aware that I'm pushing the envelope on what Word is capable of for my purposes and as soon as I'm able I'm buying the entire Adobe pro suite. I feel like a fucking Adobe commercial now.

Okay, it's late and I gots my grumpy pants on, but even so I have to admit overall things are speeding along nicely - next week is the layout edit then off to the printers. Woot!!! I'm so excited that my excitement's excited!

And now it's time for bed.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tom Foolery

So breezing around my favorite blogs while Legend is at the editors (round 2 is complete on Friday!!) I ran across a blog entry at Smart Bitches Trashy Books that reminded me why I love them so much. These ladies don't pull any punches and tell it like it is. For example if you are a romance novelist and you put anal sex in your book this is the kind of review you can expect from my gals over there at SBTB, read blog entry here. Oh, and if you're squeamish, I highly recommend you NOT read it. :0)

Happy Monday!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's Official!

Cole Baker starts her journey this May in The Legend of Lady MacLaoch. Stay tuned to the details on Facebook (The Legend has its own page now!) and Twitter (@beckybanks) and here!!

Coming up: Excerpts!!

PS - Super excited!!! (!!) 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Kill Joy, In a Good Way

A while back I'd been perusing (some say stalking) one of my favorite authors on her blog and I ran across an entry where she was complaining about editing. Saying that she was glad to be back to writing after a long slog of editing, since that was her favorite part of being an author. And I remember thinking that wow, how spoiled was she that she didn't appreciate all aspects of her writing career, that she didn't take pleasure in editing affronted me - a budding author.

Now I know. Oh, now I know. What she meant was that she was glad to not have to look at that book ever again. To never have to utter the third paragraph down in chapter 23 for the 45th time to make sure that the underlying intonation of those words properly set the reader up for the action sequence that follows. Oh yes, I now know that she's saying that taking on new writing she may, just may, forget that at one point she could recite her book word for word, page for page, forward and backward. While asleep.

Anyway - my pain isn't all that great. I've got a fabulous pit crew at Indigo Editing and Publishing that's doing all the hard work. :0) 

Pub date? MAY!!!