Saturday, March 26, 2011

Patience, Kimosabe

Well, as fate would have it my poor editor befell the nasty cold/flu/nasal-crap that has been going around and the line-by-line edits have been delayed until next week. So while she recovers I get distracted. And the best distraction for me are bright, colorful, floozy-like flowers from Annies Annuals. Annie is the only garden shop owner I know of that approaches flowers as I do, with lust and verve!

As you can see from the photo this year's garden is going to be epic! (that's the spring time exuberance talking). The image at below left is of the garden when I actually was working part-time and writing (as opposed to full-time and writing) and as you can tell by the garden, I did less writing and more gardening that year... then had to get a full-time job. :0)

Oh, and if anyone has noticed... pub date: May 2011, super sneaky!!

1 comment:

Mariah said...

How I WISH I had a green thumb! Envious of the flower love. Well I love them but they don't love back. Hehe....