Friday, December 10, 2010

This just in!!

It's O-fficial! The Legend of Lady MacLaoch has a for real, honest to goodness, ain't-kidding-around ISBN number!!! Here it is from Lulu Publishing:

Becky Banks,

An ISBN has been assigned to your book

ISBN #: 978-0-578-07566-2
Content ID: 9652597
Book Title: The Legend of Lady MacLaoch
Watch out world here we come!!
For those of you who are curious on what the fuss is about, the ISBN number is much like the number assigned to produce in your local supermarket. This standardized number now can be key punched into any book retailer's computer and all the book's info (title, price, size, publisher, etc.) will pop up. This also means that Legend has just become eligible for being sold in book stores around the globe.