Monday, February 15, 2010

Title...What to title it?

Currently I'm in the midst of editing my 3rd book, and most complete book. It is a story about a woman who just finishing her master's degree comes to discover that the bloodlines that define her as a family and whose name they've had for generations turns out to not be who they are. On a quest to Scotland to discover her true ancestry she finds more than just a name...

Isabelle Baker is her name and her book is one of love and family. Once I firm up the first couple chapters I'll post them here... Then I'm going to be taking ideas on what to name it. Right now it currently is holding a title of The Scotland Book. Which as you can tell not descriptive and a little broad in subject. :0)

Singer in the Snow and The Shape Changer's Wife

Singer in the Snow ( I found at and didn't realize 'til I downloaded it to my Kindle that it is a YA fiction. So with that in mind it was a cute and interesting little book about an ice planet, a summer that comes once every 5 years, the drive to find a mate and a dramatic abusive home life of one of the ice planet's people. Only available now on the Kindle, or where ever you can find it around town.

The Shape-Changer's Wife. A very straightforward book about a magician's quest for more knowledge. Though in the process he finds love. It's a fairly dry and enjoyable love story, that when it finishes at the end you think, Huh, that was good. It is also a short book at only 200ish pages.

Nuff said about other books... I'll be posting from now on about my current book - the one I'm writing.