Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Addiction

I just came back from a two week short visit to fantastic Scotland. Scotland is filled with amazing history, lush landscapes and distilleries on every hillock. I came back inspired and have pounded out a 100 page short story, that I'm currently furiously editing. I'll be taking a break from posting as I'm not reading anything but it, for this next bit. Though, once I'm done with the "short" story I'll post it here for my brother and my other imaginary friends to read. :0)

Low Down on Exile

Rest of the book went up - Thanks Rachel!

At the beginning of the book it is rock solid, well edited and setup for fantastic execution. Though, by the time the middle rolls in and things heat up the reader begins to salivate for a good finish, that never comes. It sort of just peters out leaving you with a bit of a "really? that's it?" feeling at the end. All in all a great read for a free online book, and depending on how you feel about it you can pony up as little or as much as you like.

As for her other books, the weather warden series, I think that this book (Exile) was a warm-up to those, as (if the first is any indication) they are well written and leave you wanting more. See my Ill Wind post below.