Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Addiction

I just came back from a two week short visit to fantastic Scotland. Scotland is filled with amazing history, lush landscapes and distilleries on every hillock. I came back inspired and have pounded out a 100 page short story, that I'm currently furiously editing. I'll be taking a break from posting as I'm not reading anything but it, for this next bit. Though, once I'm done with the "short" story I'll post it here for my brother and my other imaginary friends to read. :0)

Low Down on Exile

Rest of the book went up - Thanks Rachel!

At the beginning of the book it is rock solid, well edited and setup for fantastic execution. Though, by the time the middle rolls in and things heat up the reader begins to salivate for a good finish, that never comes. It sort of just peters out leaving you with a bit of a "really? that's it?" feeling at the end. All in all a great read for a free online book, and depending on how you feel about it you can pony up as little or as much as you like.

As for her other books, the weather warden series, I think that this book (Exile) was a warm-up to those, as (if the first is any indication) they are well written and leave you wanting more. See my Ill Wind post below.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Exile, Texas by Rachel Caine

After starting the Rachel Cain Weather Warden: Ill Wind book I jumped on her website and found that she has a bunch of free short stories as well as an early book of hers Exile. Here's the link:

She's trying out a new style of sharing her work which is based on a donation system. Chapter 2 will be up shortly, per Rachel Caine herself.


PS - the book is only now available in used hardcover under her other author name Roxanne etc.

Weather Warden Series

As with most people I have generated a list of books to read that I feel are either interesting or things that will expand my mind. In either case they are good books, but. I am a creature of shiny-lusty entertainment and as I plow through that pile of great books that helps me be a more well rounded individual I get sidelined by something shiny. Like, for example the Weather Warden series by Rachel Caine (aka:Roxanne Longstreet Conrad, Julie Fortune).

Just finished reading Weather Warden book 1: Ill Wind. Main character is a strong willed-female with a fetish for fast cars and awesome shoes. And not just ooohh fast cars but knows them can talk them, like cubic feet of engine space and the ponies that translates into and the fact that it has paddle shifters and not a traditional stick-shift. Same with the shoes. Basic gist of the story is that mother earth is a creature that is always on its way toward chaos and it is up to the wardens (Earth, Fire, Weather [air and water]) to manage and maintain this chaos.

Rachel does a great job in writing with confidence using scientific knowledge of weather systems that you actually learn a bit about weather while speeding along through the book. It doesn't have a learned feel either, where an author regurgitates the knowledge rather than writing about it from a place of understanding. Rachel writes from what feels like a place of understanding about cars, shoes, and science.

Last and not least there are love interests and deities and demons, murder, suspense and intruge. It has it all (almost). ;0)

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Host

A great mindless read from Stephanie Meyer (author of the Twilight vampire series). Based in the future this is a sci-fi romance book that is a bit underdeveloped as far as the character names and back stories go but fun none the less. If you are familiar with the Twilight series you'll know that Stephanie's trademark is to get you all hot and steamy and never give you the full enchilada... if you know what I mean. Oh, and she does the whole two guy thing in this too... Anyway! A great entertaining piece.

Wild Justice

An interesting book. I met the author Phillip Margolin here at Wordstock this past year, I believe this book is one of his first. Due to that I can't say it is the best book I've read because it bounces around a lot and it succumbs to the effect that writers can be plauged with called telling, not showing. The story is written such that you are told what is happening rather than being shown what is happening. This simply means that the readers never really get "sucked into" the book and feel that they are a part of the story. I have several others of his books and plan to read them to compare.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fallen Off the Rocker

That's not the title of the book I'm currently reading, rather its the state of the sad affairs this blog has gotten into! Last entry.... October. Sigh.

Eat, Pray, Love. Beautiful book, however something happened to me when I got to the pray part. My brain called bullshit. The food I could do, I could wallow in it with her. I even started cooking more pasta and dreaming of Italy and its succulent gravies and lucious desserts. Then the India part happened. I'm not sure if my brain made the transition from food to praying well, or it had to do with the large setting of people singing all together. Large groups singing, chanting, humming, etc. in general make me quesy so naturally this chapter I hit a wall and put down the book being unmotivated to pick it up again even with the last chapter on love. Oh well.
With that behind me I moved on to bigger, larger, more consuming things, say for example the Diana Gabaldon series. I wrote about the Outlander, the first of her books (blog entry: Addiction - the long winded kind) and am still in the series, because well, they're huge. Roughly 1,000 pages, small font huge. And yet she still has me lapping up the characters and their stories. I have to admit though I did some skimming in the second book which I advise to not do, because you'll end up missing key character references. Right now I'm on the fifth book in the series and it goes well though I think it's time I posted the other books I've been reading in between.