Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Backlog - The Deed of Paksenarrion

For all you Lord of the Rings freaks and lovers of any well written fantasy books, have I got a book for you! The Deeds of Paksenarrion is rife with action and adventure of the middle earth kind. The main character - which is how it was proven to me to be worth reading - is a strong female. She is. From beginning to end you follow her adventures as well as misadventures with elves, mythical beasts, and the supernatural world that she lives.

Warning, this book is not a quick read, it is a compilation of three books, tightly spaced and in small font. It is meant to be savored. I struggled at the begining because I had just finished reading a handful of romance novels that were, I admit like most romance novels, quick reads and low on plot. This is the opposite, and I found it refreshing. It slows you down, makes you read every word. This had a profound affect on my writing skills - I found myself thinking more thoroghly about my characters the scenes in which they were engaging and the feelings that evoked, again it was quite a refreshing change, like going on an extended vacation without cell phones, computers, or any other mind occupying technologies. At first it's completely frustrating then after a few days you relax into it and begin to enjoy the slower pace. Its only draw back? No romantic interests, there is love in the puritanical sense but no heat - which in a way can be a nice change.


Ian said...

Heh first post! Hey Beck glad you liked the book, especially after recommending/loaning it! There is always a little bit of apprehension when recommending something, are they going to like, will they enjoy it as well?
This is an awesome idea, keep it up and so proud.
Your Bro,

Becky Banks Books said...

Of course! Keep on recommending, speaking of recommendations I need to post the Annja Creed Rogue Angel series that you recommended.
Thanks for the first posting!!


Ian said...

Will do & you're welcome!