Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Addiction - the long winded kind

With the Outlander saga finished, I'd have to say that I only had one fit of outrage in the entire process of reading the book. It was at the end, I won't give it away but it says something about a book that can suck you in so fully, engage you so deeply that you get angry at the characters when they don't do what you want. Now I'm not saying angry as in snort with disgust that the author has decided on that particular path with their character. No, I mean angry as in throw down the book and not read it - as if it were an offending friend - again for a couple days. After picking it up again with a clear mind and forgiving the character for flaws that I should have seen, it ended resoundingly well. So I'm off to get the next in the series.

But before I do, I've started a on a non-fiction adventure...

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