Friday, October 17, 2008

Eat, Pray, Love

I'm currently on the highly recommended (and for good reason) Eat, Pray, Love. Its an interesting book thus far. No spoilers but the begining is obviously the first part of the title Eat, and is set in Italy. And really that's all I want to do, even though I'm a pretty level headed woman not recovering from any life choices (yet) that would make me need this step in a healing process. Though my favorite thing to do, next to breathing, is eating. And not just anything, but really good food, like everything you would find in Italy. So, you can imagine the sheer willpower it is taking to not eat and drink excessively while reading this book... I can't wait for India. :o)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Backlog - Carolina Moon & Midnight Bayou

Both books by Nora Roberts - well done and in her old style, where she shows off that writing prowess we know is in there and sometimes forget when reading some of her more recent works... But I digress, these books are set in the south and exude humid warmth and dark pasts. Character development is good (not Outlander good... whew I still am sweating that one!) plot on Carolina Moon finishes nicely if suspense til the very end can be said as a nice finish. Though, Midnight Bayou leaves a bit to be desired at the end... Overall, good weekenders or one day on vacation books.

Backlog - The Paid Companion

This is a book by the romance novelist Amanda Quick (pen name). I have come to enjoy the past books by this author (also read The River Knows) as they are Victorian murder mysteries with a little spice on the side. Plot for this book was very well done and maybe a tad on the traditional side of its action adventure ending but nontheless very entertaining.

Backlog - The Deed of Paksenarrion

For all you Lord of the Rings freaks and lovers of any well written fantasy books, have I got a book for you! The Deeds of Paksenarrion is rife with action and adventure of the middle earth kind. The main character - which is how it was proven to me to be worth reading - is a strong female. She is. From beginning to end you follow her adventures as well as misadventures with elves, mythical beasts, and the supernatural world that she lives.

Warning, this book is not a quick read, it is a compilation of three books, tightly spaced and in small font. It is meant to be savored. I struggled at the begining because I had just finished reading a handful of romance novels that were, I admit like most romance novels, quick reads and low on plot. This is the opposite, and I found it refreshing. It slows you down, makes you read every word. This had a profound affect on my writing skills - I found myself thinking more thoroghly about my characters the scenes in which they were engaging and the feelings that evoked, again it was quite a refreshing change, like going on an extended vacation without cell phones, computers, or any other mind occupying technologies. At first it's completely frustrating then after a few days you relax into it and begin to enjoy the slower pace. Its only draw back? No romantic interests, there is love in the puritanical sense but no heat - which in a way can be a nice change.


I have been reading ravenously for the past year so I have a lot to add here in this blog that is what I consider to be "backlog." Though rather than riffle through my enourmous library and recount each one I'm going to only do those that stand out. Sooooo, first, The Deeds of Paksenarrion.

Addiction - the long winded kind

With the Outlander saga finished, I'd have to say that I only had one fit of outrage in the entire process of reading the book. It was at the end, I won't give it away but it says something about a book that can suck you in so fully, engage you so deeply that you get angry at the characters when they don't do what you want. Now I'm not saying angry as in snort with disgust that the author has decided on that particular path with their character. No, I mean angry as in throw down the book and not read it - as if it were an offending friend - again for a couple days. After picking it up again with a clear mind and forgiving the character for flaws that I should have seen, it ended resoundingly well. So I'm off to get the next in the series.

But before I do, I've started a on a non-fiction adventure...

Friday, October 10, 2008


For those in Portland, Wordstock ( is being held this year on Nov. 8 & 9.

Addiction - the long winded kind.

Okay so here's my first blog, ever. And my first entry which sadly just started with the profound word "okay." In this first entry I want to introduce the idea of a place where I can tell people all about the books I'm reading. I got tired of the long glassy eyed stares of my husband and well placed unhuh's. Course at the time it didn't stop me from going on and on and on and on about what I thought about the book I just read and the character development etc... So, I'll do it here. The take away for those that read: come here for book recommendations/plain ol' reviews by a person who loves action, adventure, mystery, and romance all in one.

To kick it off I am nearly finished with Diana Gabaldon's Outlander. OMG -get it. Read it. Fall in love with it.

Caution: the book is hella long and absorbing. You will not, cannot, start reading this in the morning and finish before bedtime, it is classified as a saga - seriously. More to come once I'm finished with its bad self. :o)